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    Zipwhip unifies SMS (text-messaging) capabilities for landlines and 800 numbers

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    Text messaging is and will remain the most ubiquitous medium for messaging. Innovative technology from Zipwhip is helping landlines and 800 numbers to finally be able to send and receive text messages.  Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Dan Westra from Zipwhip to discuss how they have made texting available for millions of landlines.
    About Our Guest
    Dan Westra | @ziphwhipinc
    Dan Westra started recruiting in Seattle, WA. in the late nineties for a national firm during the dot.com boom.  In the year following the dot.com crash he founded his own recruiting and contract-staffing firm that he grew to over 120 employees before selling in the summer of 2008.  Since then he has been involved with several start-ups in primarily Business Development and Recruiting roles and most recently with Zipwhip where he leads the development of their “Cloud Texting” platform for the Recruiting and Staffing Industries.

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    Satellite Nation

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    Join SatelliteGuys members KE4EST (Michael) and WallyHTS (Dave) tonight on "Satellite Nation!" Satellite Nation is down home talk about the world of Satellite including news, tips, reviews and how to get the most from your satellite system!  

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    Are we African/Afro-American, Black, or Negro?

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    Recent Gallup Polls shows that there is a lot of confusion amongst ourselves. We are not on one accord when it comes to what we call ourselves. 20% said Black. 20% said African-American. And 60% did not care one way or the other. Really? Could this be the reason for many of the issues in our community? The reason that we are so divided within our community. Something so simple, or one would think. This question is at the root of a bitter national controversy over the proper designation for identifiable Americans of African descent and has been since before the 19th century.Does African/Afro American properly identify who we are? Is Black simply a color, a skin tone, not used to define a entire race? Have we done to much damage to even consider the resurrection of the Negro? 

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    AndroidGuys Episode #131 Gobble Gobble Google

    in Gadgets

    Scott Webster and Andrew Kameka get together on the last Friday before Thanksgiving to talk about the latest news in the Android universe. Topics this week include the following:
    Droid DNA Nexus 4 Nexus 7 w/ 3G Android 4.2 Samsung Galaxy Camera Android tablets with data plans Google's new location-based game, 'Ingress' Rumors of Google becoming a wireless provider

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    Interview With An MSP Successfully UsingTelemarketing!

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    We have a chance to speak with the Dir of Operations at Sling Stone IT and get an inside look and how they are successful selling managed services.  We will be interviewing Tyler Lawrence who also oversees the sales and marketing for this computer business based in San Diego and Orange County, CA.
    We will be focusing our discussion on how they have been able to leverage their use of outbound telemarketing to generate sales leads that they have been able to convert into new customers.  The two main areas that have set them apart from many of their peers is how they have improved their IT service delivery model along with keeping their foot on the marketing gas pedal!
    If you're an MSP that is looking to grow your computer business then make sure to tune in Next Thursday Nov 10th at 2:00 Central and see if you can glean some secrets from this marketing Guru who is currently in the trenches selling managed services!

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    Cyber Security Awareness: The Changing Threat Landscape

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    In keeping with Cyber Security Awareness Month, our guest this week will be a member of the ESET Security Research team! We are going talk about the changing threat landscape and how my own ESET Smart Security software alerted me to my recent website hacks before the search engines got to it.

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    The Impact of Social Media on Education

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    This week we are discussing education and the major budget cuts in the State of Texas. How social media has been used to educate the general public and how voters have used these tools to have their voices heard.

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    The Many Facets of High-Speed Machining

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    Gary Rodak, President of Machining Efficiencies, Inc., in Gregory Michigan, and author of a recent white paper on high-speed machining discusses the many factors that are involved in high-speed machining. Those include machining centers, CNC controllers, tooling, toolpaths, lubricant and operator training.

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    AP 1 Minute Headlines March 07 2016 5:30 (Eastern)

    in Computers

    New post by APNewsroom

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    Back to the Basics (B2B) - The Recap

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    Today’s broadcast is a 10-month recap of services and events sponsored, facilitated or implemented by TAB Training & Consulting, LLC toward promoting the mission of bridging the technology literacy gap in the city of Concord (NC).  The January 20th TABRadio broadcast of this year was the kickoff broadcast and I wanted to do a recap on what has happened since that day.
    While society is truly fortunate to possess new technologies that did not exist 10-20 years ago; there still seems to be a large disparity between those that have access and can maximize the benefits of such technological advancement to achieve academic, personal, and professional success versus those that do not have the same access to technology.  However, I want to point out a shift in the Paradigm regarding how we define the word “access” when it comes to technology literacy (more to come about this shift during the broadcast).
    During this broadcast I will share my personal experiences from the past 10 months that strongly point to the importance of technology literacy at home, in the workplace and in the community.  Today’s broadcast will be one of many efforts taken on by TAB Training & Consulting, LLC as a vehicle for bridging the technology literacy gap that exists in technologically challenged communities (more on that new “category” in the broadcast).
    Join me and listen in on what I have learned this year and for my suggestions on how to continue the momentum that has been created here in Concord, NC that can be replicated in any other technologically-challenged community in the US.  Join me as I plan for a 2014 campaign designed to make great strides in your academic, personal and professional lives by increasing your knowledge of computer and technology literacy.

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    Auto Jun 28 2016 12:59PM

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