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    BONUS EPISODE: We're still on hiatus, but here's some tech news!

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    It's been a few weeks since we ended season 1. Have you missed us? We've missed you!
    We're still in between seasons, but as we promised in episode 20, we thought you deserved some bonus episodes to keep your technology podcast thirst quenched. Here's the first bonus episode filled with some of the latest tech news, as well as an update on where we're at with the production of season 2!
    Firstly, we take a look at the recent ridiculousness that was Amazon Prime Day. In the lead-up, it was touted by the online retail giant as the biggest sales day since Woolworths went bust. Except, it wasn't. In the UK, the deals were a little bit disappointing, and in the US, Amazon was hit by massive allegations that it had inflated prices before the sale, only to drop them on the day in a bid to make the deals seem better than the were!
    Also in Amazon news, small business that sell on the website are up in arms in the US over plans to extend the company's no-reason returns policy to all marketplace sellers. They say it will 'crush' their business, but the fact is this kind policy is the law in the EU. Has it crushed small businesses there?
    We also look at news that a Tesla has broken the car's distance record and driven more than 1,000 km - or almost 700 miles - along with alarming, but not surprising, research that far too many of us are losing sleep to binge watching shows on services like Netflix or Amazon Prime.
    At the end of the show, there's also an update on the production of our second season. We're quite excited about it, and we want you to be as well!
    Recorded on 7 August 2017 at Park Town Studios, London, England. All rights reserved.
    Music: "Nano Hoedown", "Wagon Wheel", "Wagon Wheel - Electronic"; Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com); Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0; http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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    Get Organized with Microsoft OneNote

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    Microsoft OneNote is an invaluable tool for anyone and everyone!  Whether used as an academic tool (it's original purpose), a professional tool or a personal tool...if you have any of the Microsoft Office Suites that come with OneNote...please start using it!  Listen to this broadcast to learn how you can begin using it in all aspects of your life and achieve a level of organization that you could not previously imagine!  I will demonstrate how OneNote can be used in all phases of your life!  I look forward to you listening in to the broadcast.

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    Lee Momon, Division Operations Manager Talks Tech & Leadership With Stev

    in Internet

    Today's guest is High-performing operations-management leader Lee Momon.  Lee has over 30 years’ experience in Customer Service, Operations, and Transportation. 15 plus years in Management/Senior Management working in various professional, and diverse settings as well as 10 years as a Manager in the Solid Waste Line of Business.
    Lee has over 30 years of work experience and throughout his career, he has proven to be a superior performer. He has been recognized by subordinates, peers, and supervisors for outstanding leadership. Lee’s extensive work history includes working in retail, customer service, and operations.
    His experience includes 21 years with United Airlines where Lee supervised 197 employees and 10 years in the solid waste industry with Waste Management, King County Solid Waste where he supervised operations for 5 waste transfer stations and is currently the Solid Waste Division Operations Manager for the new City of Seattle North Transfer Station in Wallingford.

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    Dr. Kathleen Morse & Jeremy Zawodny of Yosemite Space

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    The March 15, 2017 episode of STEM Voices will feature Dr. Kathleen Morse & Jeremy Zawodny of Yosemite Space. The company's primary focus is developing innovative products for Space applications. Members of Yosemite Space collectively have extensive experience developing innovative, reliable products for Space applications. The woman majority owned business was founded in 2012 by Dr. Kathleen Morse and Jeremy Zawodny serves as the lead software engineer.
    In 2016, a Yosemite Space experiment using state of the art System on Chip (SoC) technology was deployed in the NanoRacks External Platform outside the International Space Station.  This platform exposes the components to Space radiation and communicates the status of the Yosemite Space payload back to Earth.  
    As mentioned in the podcast, here is a link to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Apps. 

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    The Top Elements & Best Marketing Tips For Successful Sales on the Internet

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    Millions of new products and services are launched for sale on the internet every year. Some become profit makers for their respective companies. A few become big profit makers, and a very small percentage become mega-hits generating millions of dollars in profit. What are the elements that produce mega-hit sales? How is it that many great products never achieve much success and some products of mediocre quality take off and soar to sales heights? In this episode of Working the Web to Win, we will look at four very important elements that control the life cycle of successful sales on the internet. We will explore many of the aspects of a sale that include; “Good Internet Products and Services,” "How to Get Found," "Increasing Conversion" and "Creating a Positive Image." So, take notes and share this with your friends as we delve into the Life Cycle of Successful Sales on the Internet.  -  For more detail, read the blog associated with the show at: https://workingthewebtowin.blogspot.com/2017/10/the-life-cycle-of-successful-sale-on.html

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    Start Me Up - Episode 12

    in Technology

    Tel Aviv Radio & Tel Aviv Campus by Google

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    BDPA iRadio: June 14, 2016

    in Technology

    The BDPA iRadio Show creates a vibrant communications platform that speaks to all BDPA stakeholders.  We have an exciting line-up for our show on June 14, 2016.
    - Leroy White, Chapter President, BDPA Dayton The BDPA iRadio Show. Linking Business, Education and Technology. The BDPA iRadio Show creates a vibrant communications platform that speaks to all BDPA stakeholders. Sponsored by the BDPA Education and Technology Foundation, and BETF Executive Director Wayne Hicks. Produced by Franne McNeal. Studio Engineering by Everaldo Gallimore. Co-Hosting by Franne McNeal, Timothy Butts, Jala Cruz and Ronald Story. The BDPA iRadio Show broadcasts the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. Join us on blogtalkradio.com/BDPA.

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    Technologist KS3 Radio Show After Dark: iOS 11 Madness

    in Technology

    Have you updated to iOS 11 yet? 
    I'm going to explain why you shouldn't and why you should wait. While there are beneftis for upgrading, you want to make sure you're doing it at he best time so that your experience isn't tainted. Other topics include:
    iPhone X vs. iPhone 8/8 Plus Google Pixel 2 HomePod Best of iOS 11

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    Survey Says!? Broadband Impacts Economic Development.

    in Internet

    In March this year, in partnership with Broadband Communities Magazine, host Craig Settles conducted a survey of local government administrators and staff, service providers, consultants and others involved with broadband projects. What they have to say in Craig Settles' report, The Gigabit city & Economic Development, could directly influence your community’s efforts.
    Magazine Editor Masha Zager joins us to analyze what survey results mean to your community. 60% of respondents say fiber networks attract business, 54% say it increases home-based businesses. Nearly half feel 20 – 120 Mbps is minimum needed to impact certain economic outcomes. Only 7% see “searching for a job” as the greatest benefit broadband offers individuals.
    The survey explored broadband’s impact on six local economic outcomes in particular: attracting new businesses to town reviving depressed communitiesm making local companies more successful improving individuals’ income-earning potential increasing home-based businesses improving depressed business districts The survey also looks at the potential for broadband-enabled telemedicine to impact economic development, and probed how respondents view certain national broadband policies. We solicited feedback on possible broadband funding models. If economic development is important to you, listen to this show.

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    Ms. Computer Lady Interviews Author Ms Crystal Judkins

    in Computers

    Ms. Computer Lady is back with former BTR Host and up & coming authors Ms. Crystal Judkins. We'll be finding out about her journey in becoming an author, what challenges she's had to overcome as far as computers and technology is concerned, and any upcoming events.  Ms. Computer Lady will also help bring to light what readers can expected when they purchase her book"Onyx McFly Saves The Day," and why she chose the direction of writing a children's book.

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    The Open Source Report 16 February 2017

    in Software

    We cover the news in the Open Source Movement in software and hardware development for the good of the humanity.The people and ideas that make this Movement great. Cubrimos las noticias en el Movimiento de Código Abierto en el desarrollo de software y hardware para el bien del pueblo humanity.The e ideas que hacen de este gran movimiento.
    Wir decken die News in der Open Source-Bewegung in der Software-und Hardware-Entwicklung für das Wohl der humanity.The Menschen und Ideen, dass diese Bewegung groß machen.
    Show Notes: 10 best Linux distros for privacy fiends and security buffs in 2017 http://www.techradar.com/news/10-best-linux-distros-for-privacy-fiends-and-security-buffs
    Embedded Linux Conference + OpenIoT Summit North America will be held on February 21 - 23, 2017 in Portland, Oregon. Check out over 130 sessions on the Linux kernel, embedded development & systems, and the latest on the open Internet of Things.

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