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Martha Stokes CMT is the Co-Founder and CEO of TechniTrader®, an educational firm dedicated to helping retail traders and independent investors. 2 Weeks FREE Video Lessons for Traders! http://technitrader.com/stock-market-how-to

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Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin are changing the way we communicate and how information is dispersed about the stock market and other financial markets. How does this affect investors and retail traders? What is the... more

Why a CEO is so important to a company and its stock? CEOs are paid huge sums of money in the eyes of Main Street. Why do firms pay so much? Are CEOs that important? Martha Stokes CMT explains the role of the CEO, his or her... more

Should you invest in IPO's? Should you invest in big blue chip companies? Is the market safe? Or is it just a big casino where greedy wall street people steal the little guy's money. Martha is one of the great teachers who is able to break... more

The news is full of debates, articles, and commentary about the Congress, Senate, and President's impasse on getting a budget passed and raising the debt ceiling. This is creating a lot of worry and concern among citizens of the US and... more

This week Martha Stokes CMT will talk about which sectors are being bought by the giant institutions, called "Dark Pools," and what sectors they have been selling since August. The largest funds tend to rotate out of certain sectors often 3-6... more

In this radio show Martha Stokes CMT will discuss when it will be safe to buy stocks. Many new investors are leery of the stock market, and are afraid that the US economy is still on the brink of disaster. Learn the facts and what is really... more

Twitter has filed a confidential IPO request with the SEC. The question on may retail investors and retail traders minds is will this be another disastrous IPO? or will Twitter be another incredible IPO like GOOG. Listen to Martha... more

In this week's radio show, Martha Stokes CMT explains what Binary Options are and whether they are right for your trading style and goals. This is a new trading instrument that is high-profile with plenty of media hype and get-rich-quick... more

Martha Stokes CMT will give you her top stock tips for trading and investing in stocks this Fall and Winter. You will learn tips you have never heard before, and professional advice that is unbiased. Take these 10 tips and start improving your... more

Whether you are a direct Mutual Fund investor, have a 401K or other managed Pension Fund this radio show featuring Martha Stokes CMT will teach you how to make better fund investing decisions. What Index funds should you be... more
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