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Martha Stokes, CMT is the Co-Founder and CEO of TechniTrader®, an educational firm dedicated to helping retail traders and independent investors. Read Martha's daily Market Open Reports go to

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The Banking industry which is also a big part of the Sell Side Institutions of the stock market, is now being regulated more stringently than they have since the Great Depression. Learn what this means for the banking industry, whether... more

The Bond Market suffered a massive redemption of 62 billion dollars flowing out of Bond Funds in June. Why did this happen? Who is getting out of Bond Funds? What does this mean for you if you own Bond Funds? What are interest rates... more

In this radio show Martha Stokes, CMT explains why the stock market sells down. She explains the reasons behind market sell offs and why corrections can be positive for investors, how to prepare in advance of a market downturn,... more

What new technologies are going to create the next big blue chip stocks? How can you find out more about these technologies? What companies are leading their industries? How can you discover the next MSFT or AAPL early so... more

Many people think the stock market is very risky or that it is just a form of gambling. Martha Stokes CMT will explain in this radio how a beginning or novice investor can dramatically reduce their risk, eliminating the fear of losing all of... more

This week Martha Stokes CMT talks candidly about how much money you actually need to start investing in the stock market. She will explain the basics of money management for beginners and novices, and will discuss the number of... more

In this radio show Martha Stokes talks about 2013, what stocks are moving, how to select stocks, and what you need to do to buy stocks successfully. Martha's frank, no nonsense approach will help you understand how, when, and why you... more

Apple Computer is the stock Martha will discuss today in her radio show. Why are so many investors buying this stock? Is Apple going to go back up and return to its glory days? Or is Apple a stock that is going to continue to go... more

In this radio show Martha Stokes, CMT demystifies the stock market trading called "Selling Short" or "Short Selling." This confusing term is often misunderstood. Is Selling Short bad for the stock market? Why is it allowed?... more

Martha Stokes, CMT defines the 9 different Market Participant groups. She explains how each group differs, how each group buys and sells, and how each group leaves a different yet distinct footprint on a stock chart. She goes... more
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