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Martha Stokes CMT is the Co-Founder and CEO of TechniTrader®, an educational firm dedicated to helping retail traders and independent investors. 2 Weeks FREE Video Lessons for Traders!

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Whether you are a direct Mutual Fund investor, have a 401K, or other managed Pension Fund learn how to make better investing decisions. Discover what you don't know about Mutual Fund investing and the details no one ever tells you. Find out how you can select the right Funds for yourself, and how to track their performances quickly and easily. This radio show featuring Martha Stokes CMT is for new investors, Mutual Fund Investors, and anyone with a Pension Plan. Check out Martha's Market Blog FREE
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In this radio show Martha Stokes, CMT demystifies the stock market trading called "Selling Short" or "Short Selling." This confusing term is often misunderstood. Is Selling Short bad for the stock market? Why is it allowed? How long has Selling... more

This week Martha Stokes CMT talks candidly about how much money you actually need to start investing in the stock market. She will explain the basics of money management for beginners and novices, and will discuss the number of shares... more

What you need to know before you invest or trade EFTs Exchange Traded Funds, which are mutual funds that trade like stocks but are not assets. ETPs Exchange Traded Products are commodities and other assets that are not stocks, and they... more

Where should you put your investment dollars in 2014? Should you invest in Bonds, Stocks, Real Estate, Currencies, or Gold? Martha Stokes CMT gives you a candid no-nonsense guide to where the giant funds are investing for 2014. The... more

Are there any good guys on Wall Street or are they all bad guys? Investors and Retail Traders often hear about the bad things that happen on Wall Street, corrupt banks, scams, insider trading, and scandals. Is the Financial Services... more

How did BlackBerry RIMM go from being a great stock to delisting? Blackberry used to be the most popular handheld device for businessmen, its stock was on many recommended lists and RIMM owned many patents. What went wrong?... more

Does the decline in Stock Market Volume foretell the demise of the Stock Market? There has been plenty of retail side news discussing the Stock Market and the decline in Volume on NYSE and other exchanges. What is really... more

Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin are changing the way we communicate and how information is dispersed about the stock market and other financial markets. How does this affect investors and retail traders? What is the... more

Why a CEO is so important to a company and its stock? CEOs are paid huge sums of money in the eyes of Main Street. Why do firms pay so much? Are CEOs that important? Martha Stokes CMT explains the role of the CEO, his or her... more

Should you invest in IPO's? Should you invest in big blue chip companies? Is the market safe? Or is it just a big casino where greedy wall street people steal the little guy's money. Martha is one of the great teachers who is able to break... more
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