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TeaSweets and her co-host Cjazz give you their hilarious take on life and the randomness of it all. From music to news and video games to cazy people, anything is fair game. Don't miss SweetTalk where the talk is always Sweet and Juicy.

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Tonight on Sweet Talk: TeaSweets and CJazz take on the "Slang Bandwagon" Are you tired of hearing "YOLO", Rachet, trolling, etc? Are you even more tired of being completely clueless as to what those words mean? We we will break... more

Tonight on Sweet Talk: TeaSweets and CJazz battle it out in the battle of the sexes. Whats the deal with those double standards? What about the opposite sex drives you nuts? What are your biggest turn ons about the opposite sex. WHo... more

Tonight on Sweet Talk: We are talking about Fears and Phobias. What's YOUR biggest fear? Spiders, clowns, needles, darnkness? How about daylight, laughter, mirrors, child support??? Tonight TeaSweets and CJazz fill you in on all the... more

Tonight on Sweet Talk: Have you been living under a rock?Are you completely oblivious to all the crazy/hilarious/scary unbelievable stories that have been happening in the last few weeks? Well If so, its ok, tonight TeaSweets and... more

Tonight on Sweet Talk, TeaSweets and her co-host CJazz are airing our first ever episode! Don't miss this epic show where we will discuss Facebook: Common Annoyances/Pet Peeves, the fake vs. the drama kings & queens, the thin line... more