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Whether your goals revolve around body transformation, improved overall health & fitness and/or improved athletic performance, TeamKattouf® Coaching & Training can help assist you on your journey. We look forward to having you part of the TeamKattouf® family! www.teamkattouf.com

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Diets and food fads; they are everywhere and there is always a new one right around the corner. And the latest one is always claiming to be the greatest. THIS will be the one that works. Ya right, good luck with that. We must... more

Carbohydrates; why dothey get such a bad rap? With one ridiculous food fad and diet after the next, carbohydrates continue to pull the short straw. It's time to stop the madness, stop the diets and food fads and start eating carbohydrates. And... more

Drs Kattouf & Buffaloe discuss the importance of carbohydrates. Whether your goals revolve around improving overall health & fitness, body transformation and/or improving athletic performance, carbohydrates are one of the main keys... more

If you are a runner, multisport athlete, etc., often times an athlete will enter a race and when you ask them their goal, the answer is, 'I just want to finish.' While this may be true, 99.99% of the athletes that race, no matter what level they are at,... more

Congratulations, you've lost weight and this is very exciting. With that being said, the weight loss is fantastic of course, but, by no means is this the finish line. This is just the starting line and this is where the real work begins. Many, many... more

When it comes to training for endurance sports and training for fitness, heart rate becomes a very important number to follow. While the large majority of athletes and fitness enthusiasts have purchased and use a heart rate monitor... more

It's understandable that individuals set the goals for themselves. Whether it is body transformation, overall health and fitness, sports/athletic performance, business, etc. With that said, one thing we have to keep in mind is that the... more

So often, when it comes to working out, individuals focus on one main number; and that is calories. They focus and overfocus on how many calories they burn during a workout. They will compare this number to what they burned yesterday... more

Wait a minute; I thought eating healthy was the lead to success. Well, if it were that easy… It would be that easy. All too often, individuals looking to transform their physique, improve overall health and fitness and/or improve... more
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