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We're here to discuss the issues and news that effect us all within the lesbian community...politics, stereotypes, equality, fashion..the list goes on...

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The temperature is increasing and it's too hot to be tied down...*translation* cuffing season is over! Want to know what Unecc & Special K have to say about it? Tune in at midnight (EST) for the premiere episode of the stud spinoff, The... more

Dreadful open relationships...or are they? Tonight we'll be discussing the pro's & con's of obtaining and maintaining an open relationship. Have you been in one and did it work for you? If not, could you ever see yourself in one? Is it just not... more

Our first episode of 2014! Tonight we will tackle the topic of lesbians dating FTM's (female to male) and MTF's (male to female). Being Transgender has often been a hot topic in the LGBT, so we'll be facing it head on! Don't miss... more

Tonight De'Onca and Crystal will be discussing the stud 4 stud topic and its impact or lackthereof on the LGBT community! We promise to bring you something you will enjoy! #Support #LGBT #StopDiscriminating

Unecc, a musician from Columbus, Ohio will star on today's live show. We'll be discussing her career, controversy, triumphs, goals, dreams, and everything else. Be sure to tune-in as we interview a great artist! If you haven't already,... more

Tonight we're disussing what it means to have a woman's intuition when it comes to cheating, relationships, beginnings and endings. Tune in @ 12:30am EST.

Some people prefer to date their own age, others prefer to date younger while others prefer to date older. Is there a difference, is it good or bad? Does maturity levels have anything to do with age difference? Tune in tonight ;)

Tonight we're speaking on phone sex & fetishes...should be a hot topic ;) DISCLAIMER: This show contains content that some viewers may find disturbing and is intended for mature audiences only. The opinions expressed in this... more

We've all heard of fake "out" lesbians, so how do you feel about them? Why do you believe they exist in the first place?

We've heard it many times before, jealousy is an ugly trait, but is that true? Sometime jealousy can be a good sign. No worries though, we'll cover this subject tonight!