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I play music to keep you dancing and, in the process, help you stay fit. Not to mention, I read aloud books to please those who have trouble reading.

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Scrooge visits her ideal Christmas once more and discovers something that breaks her heart. Once she gets back home, her hurt heart lashes back in ways the family didn't expect. Because of her winter walks, though, her health plummets and only one family member notices. What could possibly happen next? Rebecca wanted nothing to do with Christmas. She figured hosting it a fifth time at her family's home would be her last. After taking a stroll through a surprise snow storm, she discovers a way to travel back and forth to an unusual location. As her travels increase to her ?perfect Christmas,? so do the consequences. Is it really supposed to be that dark?
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When Scrooge takes a nap, she dreams of the past once more. Imagine her shock when her brother brings up a bitter topic that coincides her dream of the past. Of course, how does she react? Walk into what is now the start of... more

Welcome back, everyone. It is our Dancing Monday. We got more soundtrack songs to dance to; most of which are from Disney soundtracks. Don't worry. I have the good ones. Another Monday, another weekend. I tell you all what has... more

To slowly transition to the story, I use a familiar tale read by Scroogette's youngest sister Tammy. Not only does Scroogette like it, but she also likes the way she used her hands to read. After the tale, Scroogette decides to take... more

Goodness, is Thanksgiving really coming up? It's a good thing I still have the baking box for donut holes. I'm definitely saving that for the family meal. What do you have planned? Dancing Monday, you have returned to us. A new list is... more

As we start a new book, I explain as best and as quickly as possible what happened the past weekend. I have yet to time myself, so we'll see if I make the minutes quota. Haha, I can't believe I'm actually saying that. Rebecca wanted... more

As I talk of my previous week and weekend, the same music is played from months before. Yep, I sadly mean it. Wow, I really do need to figure out a new playlist, haha. It is Dancing Monday, everyone. So part the Red Sea like you're... more

After Ashley receives her happy ending with Sir Edric, Ashlyn wakes up in confusion and fright. Though she knows the repetitive dream is over, she wonders what could possibly come out of it. Ashlyn is clearly confused on why she... more

Today, I interview Kelly Betz of NoCoast Raps. We learn everything there is to Kelly and rap battles. What he does now and some shocking facts. There will be profanity and racial discussions, so I suggest not tuning in at an open... more

Her step-family continues to crush her self-esteem. The ball still fresh in her memory, Ashley surprisingly ignores them. She knows she'll never forget it, and she sings about it too. Yep, more singing. Because she fled, Lord Edric does... more

The weekend has passed, and so has the fundraiser. I get to tell you my experience; the love I felt; my overall feelings, and the grand total of it all. Don't forget, though, because I didn't. It is our Dancing Monday! Put on those tennis... more