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I play music to keep you dancing and, in the process, help you stay fit. Not to mention, I read aloud books to please those who have trouble reading.

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Okay, so it looks like an average life of an eleven-year-old girl. She is nowhere near average, though. Haha, considering I did write a book about her. This is a reminder to you: Not A Family Trait is not part of The Nesis World book set. Loosely based on Ghost Whisperer, this story is of a young girl who must deal with a newly gained skill. This of course happened when the ghostly form of her mother brings her back to life from a death-defying experience. Melissa Garrison has to deal with all the ghosts she sees, even the dangerous ones. How unfortunate she must go through this alone. After all, it was Not A Family Trait.
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I am back from vacation, my Dancers! I got boring stories and music to for you to listen. Wait, don't we have holidays to celebrate? That's right! I have to say, though, that four out of eight holidays are basically celebrating food. Can you... more

Prince Paulo didn't poison her. He used an illusion toxin, the trickster. In doing so, though, it combined with a suspicious food poisoning. It's a good thing the Queen was furious enough to summon him... right? Inspired by several Prince... more

You thought it'd be another holiday celebration, right? Oh, you're wrong on that. We got the moves; we got the burns; we got the comebacks, rap battles, singing, and scatting. Oh, right. Did I mention even coordinating as well?... more

When Tanasqui's father leaves the palace, Tanasqui comes up with an idea. She thought she could convince Prince Paulo of the Corro tribe to reconsider the allied offer. Boy, was that a mistake! To top it off, her father gets hurt! Inspired by... more

Welcome to our fantastic Dancing Monday. With every different holiday, I'm always picking something new for our music set. It's so cool! Be sure to have your tennis shoes and your water bottle handy. These holidays can get me to choose... more

After making their deal, they stayed in their acting roles. Tanasqui is not doing so well. She needs to improve fast. It could either be the fate of her tribe or the kingdom! Inspired by several Prince And Pauper films, this story tells of two... more

Wow, we have some serious choices to support today. Out of the eleven holidays, four of them are rather serious. Of course, the others are pretty weird and fun. I've already picked one of those particular four. Can you guess which... more

Because of the guards at her royal mines, she got caught and must face her royal family - the Queen. Mosie feared her mother would be most worried and confused. She didn't want to break her heart. Inspired by several Prince And... more

Wow, 17 holidays to celebrate on the 20th of June. June is really hopping, isn't it? I don't think I can support just one holiday today, haha. Perhaps the ones about dairy? Yeah, cause we all need food. Food is love; food is life! We are all... more

Yeah, the Kief is PISSED! No way is she moseying out of this one. Haha! Get it? Cause her nickname is... yeah, I'm shutting up now. Inspired by several Prince And Pauper films, this story tells of two smart women. The adopted Heiress... more