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What is it like being a biracial child in a world that still sees people by race and color, not individuality? On this episode of TD Radio we will discuss what it feels to belong to two races but only accepted by one. It’s going to be a heated... more

Every week at we bless your computer screens with music, fashion, advice and of course our beloved Cocoa Kisses. A Cocoa Kiss is a cutie or hottie who’s dreamy, fine, and oh so kissable. Former Cocoa... more

This Thursday we’re interviewing some of the HOTTEST Artists on Our Radar! The freshman class of major record label signees will be here to discuss how they got their BIG break.Also in the "Essence Corner", fashion and... more

It's impossible to switch channels on your TV without coming across at least one reality show. They have become the cash cows of primetime television stations and the highlight of our Twitter discussions. But how does it feel to be on a... more

It's almost time to go back to school and a lot of college women are considering joining a sorority. Greek life, though not for everyone, can be an exciting and memorable addition to college life. On this episode of TD Radio, we’re dispelling... more

Religion and spirituality are a very important part of our lives. But for teens and young adults, finding a religion that "fits" our values and beliefs can be a difficult task. On this episode of TD Radio, we will share info about each major religion,... more

The summer heat is scorching hot, which means everyone is wearing less and less. Although toes have made their debut and summer maxi-dresses are in full affect, the hosts of TD Radio want to help young people look their best this... more

The recent murder of NFL star Steve McNair and the bedroom confessions from prominent political figures have proved that more and more people are engaging in extramarital affairs (aka CHEATING). Teens are even cheating in... more

The popularity of tattoos has grown in recent years. With so many celebrities wearing tattoos, more and more teens are becoming interested in getting inked up. Celebs such as Megan Fox, Rihanna, Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne are... more

The passing of the most iconic performer in history, Michael Jackson, has the entire world grieving. Daily, there is a young person dealing with the loss of a family member or a friend, but there are also tons of questions and emotions... more
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