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Over 10 years and going strong on KKUP 91.5FM Cupertino, now coming to you with an internet-only show. Our popular guests have views that are not in the news. Join us as we embrace mother earth.

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Meir is a respected therapist, an educator and a best-selling author of "Vision for Life, Ten Steps to Natural Eyesight Improvement" Meir healed himself of congenital blindness and other serious vision problems, and now he has a driver's license! Meir certainly has the ‘Merlin' Touch … he tops the charts for creative healing techniques that bring forth success into everyone's life. He has the touch of alchemy, which transforms physical matter into higher vibrational energies … and one's body simply responds to these creative influences that he shares. People travel from all over the world to have Meir work with them. He truly walks in an illuminated state—igniting those around him to become more flexible in thought and more in tune with their bodies.
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Lance Carter is the author of “LIGHTBODY ACTIVATION and Psychic Surgery.” Lance was awakened in the early mornings to transcribe the information written in his book. Actually he received enough information to write several other... more

Sela is for real! We”ve watch her over the years walking her talk with Rock Medicine and it never fails … and it is natural! We are truly blessed to have Sela Randazzo with us. Vibrational Healing Shifts with Rock Medicine is here to stay!... more

Genevieve Vierling, a well known astrologer with be sharing with us, what the stars have in store for us. She will be talking about United States chart, which will effect all of us. she also will share how Pluto influences us. As a side note... more

Dr. Louis Turi ,a famous astrologer will share with us how Michael Jackson’s incredible life and his stars and fate are of a dual nature. He is both in the public eye and at the same time shy and private. He is also seen as a wild... more

Global Warming and Climate Change are hot topics today. Nearly everyone is talking about inadvertent climate change caused by greenhouse gasses – but what you seldom hear is that some of these changes are deliberate! United States... more

Do we know the truth about the three World Trade Center high-rise towers on 9/11?? Richard Gage, the founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, will tell us the forensic evidence found at the crime scene of the destruction of the... more

He’s on top of it … fast, accurate, compassionate and his Heart leads! Be sure to be with us on Thursday when psychic Joseph Ernest Martin has the most amazing tools and gifts to share with us. Let’s start here: What does the Obama... more

You can say that Anthony Hilder's life has been dedicated to the freeing of the World’s people from the nightmare of Big Brotherment, the Banksters and The New World Order. Anthony is a Libertarian - believing in the free right of choice... more

Our guest is Paul Pantone, inventor of the GEET system for fuel efficiency improvement, among other things Paul Pantone was railroaded through a series of bizarre legal maneuvers by powerful and corrupt conspirators into a State... more

If you can cook, you can make powerful topical remedies to support the health of your body in ways you had not thought possible. On Amazon you can pick up Dr. Steve Martin’s book that barely scratches the surface of what can be done with... more
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