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Over 10 years and going strong on KKUP 91.5FM Cupertino, now coming to you with an internet-only show. Our popular guests have views that are not in the news. Join us as we embrace mother earth.

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Treat your body as a machine! This is the mantra of fitness expert Teresa Tapp, an exercise physiologist, nutritional counselor and savvy businesswoman. Teresa knows how a woman's body works, especially women over the age of 30. For... more

Call in today on 408-260-2999 or 347-633-9155 for a mini reading. When you come on the line please give your birth date. Tazz combines astrology and numerology. While she looks up your birth date, Paula connects to your higher... more

With a background in music, gymnastics, and electronics engineering, he began his studies of astrology in the late '70's. After many years of counseling and teaching he integrated the approaches of Jeffrey Wolf Green's Evolutionary... more

Rhonda Britten. Rhonda has been on Ophra's show more than once ... Way to go Rhonda! She has written several national bestsellers based on her principles, including Fearless Living (translated into 12 languages), Fearless Loving, and... more

Our guest is Meir Schneider, author of "Movement for Self-Healing" and "Miracle Eyesight, Yoga for Eyes".. Meir teaches you to support your body so that it can return to a balanced state with gentle movements, breathe work, self-message,... more

Guy R. Doran, D.C., is a dedicated and caring Doctor of Chiropractic. His practice, Woodside Chiropractic, is located in Los Altos, California. Dr. Doran has a unique keenness for capturing what other doctors have missed, i.e., he is known as the... more

Sheldon Nidle is the author of three books:Your First Contact, You Are Becoming a Galactic Human and his latest is Your Galactic Neighbors. Sheldon says "Look around, your neighbors are also in the sky". Whether you already have a basis... more

James has lived a semi-reclusive life since 1986 at the Sattva Sanctuary, a 70-acre mountain retreat located at the base of Mt. Adams in Trout Lake, Washington. It has been recognized by many sensitives, intuitives, adepts, and... more

It became official on January 1, 2003. George Noory took over the reins from retiring Art Bell to become the host of America's most fascinating overnight radio program "Coast to Coast". Looking back on George's life and his passion for all... more

Dr. Turi, a French Astrologer talks about what each sign should expect in 2009.
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