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Interview with Russell Means

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
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[548902] interview with Russell Means “We need paradigm shift,” says Russell Means. “What is wrong today is what is wrong tomorrow.” And, what is wrong with the world today? History---or “his-story” as Means so aptly emphasizes---over these last 6,000 years is a convenient lie. From religion to governments, we have lived under a patriarchy with the leaders at the top of the proverbial pyramid and the rest of us underneath to experience most of the suffering. This is a fact of life on our over-populated earth. What is a patriarchy, though? It is a system that both completely lacks and completely fears the feminine. A patriarchy is an imbalanced, fear-based, war-like and truly insane structure because only a patriarchy is on top, obsessed with control and completely inhumane to everything below. What it fears it wants to control; what it can’t control it wants to terrorize and destroy. Within this strict system, there is no true freedom What, then, is the solution to this problem? The answer is to simply return to a matriarchy, based on the feminine. Russell Means will remind the audience that women are much stronger and live longer than men; that women are the creators of life, whose cycles are naturally purifying and in tune with the universe. A matriarchy actually represents the origins of individual liberty through representative government. It is the basis for a “clan” system that allows for instant conflict resolution and naturally eliminates all negatives with no time-wasting beliefs in evil and war