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Over 10 years and going strong on KKUP 91.5FM Cupertino, now coming to you with an internet-only show. Our popular guests have views that are not in the news. Join us as we embrace mother earth.

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We'd like to see Tom Paladino a household word! AND, here's the STORY! Tom literally dismantles pathogens in the body quickly and painlessly through the airwaves. Tom's new scalar technology literally scrambles and confuses the... more

Our guest, Patricia Albere is a spiritual teacher, founder & director of the Evolutionary Collective, & co-author of MUTUAL AWAKENING: Opening to a New Paradigm of Human Relatedness. Who are we at our core? Who is the... more

Is it possible to take dolphins from captivity and train them how to survive out in the wild? Our guest, Roberta Goodman thinks it is possible; Roberta's goal is to create a protocol for handlers to accomplish this. After reading Dr. John Lilly's... more

During those times when life seems empty and we're feeling lonely, lost, or ?less-than? or even struggling with addiction--it's often because our spirit has become squashed. We've disconnected or shut ourselves down. You hear it in... more

Linda Moulton Howe is an investigative journalist and docomentary producer, writer, director and editor. She has been interviewed in the past seasons of Ancient Alien's on the History Channel and has recently signed a two year... more

Meir is a respected therapist, an educator and a best-selling author of "Vision for Life: Ten Steps to Natural Eyesight Improvement" Meir healed himself of congenital blindness and other serious vision problems, and now he has a... more

"Holy Universe" A New Story of Creation for the Heart, Soul, and Spirit. After a 15-year gestation period, David Christopher has birthed a book grounded in ecological science and "big history" that, through the magic of story and the... more

David Young's story … is a Heart Toucher … and his music is too! His performances are visually and musically stimulating to any audience. Over the years, David Young has performed for Barbara Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor,... more

What's up for August, Mahala? Investigative astrologer, writer, lecturer and minister has smuggled some time just for us to share with you. She's taken the reigns and pulled them up tight seeing more in-depth to the upcoming events... more

Have you ever thought what would happen if our grid system went down? Retired policy analyst for the Department of Defense for 23 years, Michael Maloof, warned of the dangers of an EMP attack. Aligning with George Noory's campaign to... more
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