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The purpose of "It's Real Talk Radio" is to cover a wide variety of topics including: dating, trending topics, self-awareness, music, sports, health, motivation, parenthood, pretty much anything that makes for good conversation. We have no limit here on It's Real Talk Radio so grab some popcorn, kick back and tune in every Tuesday @ 10:00 PM EST because 1 thing we promise is "You will be entertained!"

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Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio we'll be discussing how to identify when a woman wants you to holla! What are the signs that a woman is giving you the green light to shoot your shot? Fellas, how many times have you been out and about and noticed a woman who caught your attention and though you wanted to shoot your shot, you were hesitant because you weren't sure if she wanted to be bothered? Probably countless, right? But in the back of your mind you know you're second guessing your assessment of the situation. Do you.... A) Shoot your shot at this attractive woman and just live with the results or B) Leave this woman alone because she may not want to be bothered Well there are both warning and welcoming signs that most women give out into the air and tonight, Nizzy Nay is going to help you understand when to shoot your shot verses when to leave it alone. Knowing when and how to act on your urge can be a huge deal and a tremendous confidence boost. You need to know when to shoot your shot at your potential future wife but you also need to know when to avoid a potential baby mother from hell and nobody wants to give energy to a mean spirited Negative Nancy because that can surely put a thorn in your day. Well that's what we're here for. We'll be sharing our perspectives as Tay Real will be the voice for the fellas and Nizzy Nay will be the voice for the ladies and both sharing their thoughts and experiences. This is gonna be a fun one. Don't miss out! #ItJustGotReal Call In #347-838-9540 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ItsRealTalkRadio Twitter: https://twitter.com/ItsRealRadioMD
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Tonight on It's Real Talk Radio we'll be discussing "Breast Cancer Awareness" and its significance to the world. Real Talk with Real People. #ItJustGotReal 347-838-9540

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