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What Would You Sacrifice For Fame & Fortune?

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Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we're gonna be taking an angle we have yet to touch on; Fame & Fortune. What would you do for it, and how far are you willing to go to receive it? Some glorify fame and want it by any and all means. The same goes with fortune; some people will do anything for money and I do mean ANYTHING! Even go as far as signing their rights away, their freedom away, or even signing their name in blood (which you may know as selling their souls).

This is what's believed to have happened in the Entertainment Industry. From rappers, to singers, rock stars, pop stars, producers, actors, directors, basically any big name person you can think of who is in the Entertainment Business. There's a lot of speculation going around that some of your favorite super stars have sold their souls for fame and fortune, and it's believed that that's the only way to guarantee success, wealth, & longevity.

There are tons of blog sites, forums, social media sites, and YouTube videos that speak on this topic to the point that every day you can find new information including what's believed to be satanic symbols from some of your favorite stars. Of course you have both sides of the coin, as many believe that people are envious of the fame, success, and wealth of these superstars; therefore, they've made these preposterous allegations, that anyone with fame and fortune has sold their soul.

Well the question we're asking our listeners is what do you think? Do you think that the only way to have fame & fortune is to sell out (sell your soul), and how far would you go for fame and fortune yourself? You'll be hearing perspectives from all our hosts along with our Director of Operations "Jay Styles". This is gonna be a good one, so don't miss out!