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The purpose of "It's Real Talk Radio" is to cover a wide variety of topics including music, social & political discussions; open minds, debate and share opinions.

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Tonight's show we will be talking about " Metrosexuals". Are they really straight, or are they in disguise? We all know that some men like to look nice, but is being a little feminine over the top and unacceptable ? Are these so called... more
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In 2013 Tay Real & Nizzy Nay had ?Conspiracy Theories? Part 1 which is It's Real Talk Radio's highest viewed show to date and tonight is the sequel, ?Conspiracy Theories Part 2?. The topic is "Weather Modification" including the... more

Tonight on Green Talk Live & More the Chefs will be discussing the creation and proliferation of local micro food systems and its impact on communities in NYC.... more

Tonight's show is about Injections & Impants which over recent years have become very popular. Injections and implants tend to be very normal for celebrities and now everybody seems to be joining right on in. But why? Is it... more

Tonight's topic is about "Child Support". There are many views points on this kinda topic because of the impact and issues it causes in today's society. Due to so many teenagers and dead beat fathers having children at a young age,... more

Tonight on Green Talk Live & More, the Chefs will be discussing updates on the rebound of resilience of the Rockaway Peninsula post-Sandy. Special guest, Ofelia Mangen Sypher from the Rockaway Conservancy will be joining the Chefs... more

Tonight's show is about "Hoarders", the people that collect and hold on to way too many things thats unnessary. I know many people that like to collect things, or hold on to things that are very precious to them, but hoarders are people... more

Tonight on Green Talk Live & More the Chefs will be having part 2 of their discussion on "Alternative Medicine". If you heard the first show and enjoyed it then you definitely don't want to miss part 2 as the Chefs will be diving in even... more

Tonight's show is about cougars and sugar daddies. As we all know in Hollywood there are a lot of older men with younger women, or older women with younger men. For instance, Jennifer Lopez or Demi Moore. Some people would call... more

Tonight on "It's Real Talk Radio", we'll be discussing Polygamy and its lifestyle along with Swingers and the lifestyle of swinging. They're both very controversial and make for some interesting conversation. Do you agree or relate to either,... more

Tonight Chef Moses & Chef Rivera will be discussing different ways of helping the body heal from diseases away from western medicinal practices.