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The purpose of "It's Real Talk Radio" is to cover a wide variety of topics including: dating, trending topics, self-awareness, music, sports, health, motivation, parenthood, pretty much anything that makes for good conversation. We have no limit here on It's Real Talk Radio so grab some popcorn, kick back and tune in every Monday @ 9PM EST because 1 thing we promise is "You will be entertained"

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Tonight for the first time on "IRTR", we're hosting a live rap battle between 4 MC's: "Jcadi" reppin Alberta, Canada; "Jenezyz" reppin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; "Raunchy Raye" reppin Baltimore, Maryland; & "Viki Shakespeare" reppin San Diego/Oakland, California. This is a judged competition and the rules go as followed: Jcadi & Jenezyz battle in a 2 minute round in Battle #1. Afterwards, the judges will elaborate on who they think won, and then each judge will announce who they chose and why (each judge MUST choose an MC). Like most other competitions, majority rules. The same rules apply for Raunchy Raye & Viki Shakespeare in Battle #2, leaving the winners from Battles 1 & 2 to faceoff in the Championship Round. With pride, bragging rights, and the crown on the line, the Championship Round will be a 3 minute spaz fest for each MC which follows the same rules (minus the time limit) from Battles 1 & 2. After the judges deliberate, a winner and NEW C.B.R champion will be crowned. The battles are all acapella and explicit content is permitted, so if you have virgin ears then this may not be the show for you, but if you enjoy Hip Hop and you're a battle rap fan, then "It's Real Talk Radio" is where you want to be on Wednesday, March 4th at 9PM EST. To listen live on your phone, dial 347-838-9540.
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Have you ever had a tempting situation that caused you to mix business with pleasure? If not, would you mix business with pleasure if you were extremely attracted to the person you had business with? These scenarious take place... more

We have the multi-talented Deakon Frost in the building to discuss his music and where he plans on taking it.

Yesterday IRTR was invited to "The Ebony Empress Show" to discuss (Part 1) of Open Relationships and their effects. The question we were all presented with was "Could open relationships be the future for happy love connections?"... more

Tonight we'll be discussing the Top 10 worst rappers of all-time and why they were elected. We're also gonna add 10 more rappers to our list for a total of 20 and will be counting down from 20 all the way to 1. Tune in to see if you... more

This one is for the road. Our last show for the 2014 NFL Season and of course we can't black out without discussing all the action packed drama that took place in Super Bowl 49. This was a pretty entertaining Super Bowl and it eventually... more

Tonight we're gonna take a different angle. The question we're asking is if someone offered your significant other a jaw dropping amount of money, would you let your significant other sleep with that person for 1 night? Of course this... more

Tonight we'll be discussing the 2015 Pro Bowl and touching on our thoughts and predictions for the 2015 Super Bowl matchup between the New England Patriots & the Seattle Seahawks. more

Tonight we are asking the infamous question "If you were asked to take a DNA Test, would you take one", or would you refuse? One of the hardest things in life is to find out a child you love, care for, and think is yours, may not be yours.... more

This past weekend we saw 2 shocking outcomes in the Conference Championship round of the 2015 NFL Playoffs and we now know who will be facing off in the 2015 Super Bowl! First we had the Seattle Seahawks pull off one of the most... more

Tonight on IRTR, we'll be having an open round table discussion with a special guest co-host joining us. We'll be talking about any and everything we could possibly think of (totally spontaneous and unscripted). These always make for... more