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The purpose of "It's Real Talk Radio" is to cover a wide variety of topics including: dating, trending topics, self-awareness, music, sports, health, motivation, parenthood, pretty much anything that makes for good conversation. We have no limit here on It's Real Talk Radio so grab some popcorn, kick back and tune in every Tuesday @ 10:00 PM EST because 1 thing we promise is "You will be entertained!"

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Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio we're asking what would happen if a KKK Member was shot and killed by a black police officer? Obviously the Klan would rally for one of their fallen brethren, but how about the rest of White America? Do you think most of White America was stand up for one of theirs since the victim was unarmed, or do you think most of White America would support the officer even though he's black and took out a fellow White? To make matters even more controversial, the Klansman was unarmed with his hands up, as most black victims are. However, though unarmed and cooperative with their hands up, the Klansman was yelling derogatory statements to the black officer and showing signs of hostility and that's when the black officer unloaded on the Klansman. How do you think would White America feel about this case? How do you think Black America would feel about this case? Would The Blue Wall Of Silence hold firm, or would it turn its back on their own because the officer is Black and killed an unarmed, right wing-White? Would charges be filed against this Black Officer? If charges were filed, would a Grand Jury bring an indictment? If an indictment was bought on the Black officer, would a Trial Jury bring a conviction on this Black Officer? This may be a rare time where Black America would be irate if the jury returned with a guilty verdict on a law enforcement officer for killing an unarmed man. 1 thing's for sure and 2 things for certain, it doesn't get more controversial than this! It's time to have that uncomfortable discussion of racism and double standards. Joining us as guest co-host will be Michele, host and co-creator of Just Us Girls The Podcast. Call In # 347-838-9540 #ItJustGotReal http://Betweenusgirlspodcast.com/episodes
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