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Creating wealth requires tax planning that looks down the road at new trends. After the KPMG tax shelters, Congress passed a new law to codify the existing court case law. For any tax plan to succeed, the plan must have economic... more

At the end of last century, the Department of the Treasury led the way in making foreign trust popular. This may seem ironic given the Swiss bank account investigations. But, now, the Treasury Department allows the foreign trust tax... more

This episode of Brian Dooley, CPA's Tax Talk show explores tax planning to avoid the effect of the"Fiscal Cliff" by using a related corporation to shift income. As both parties plan to limit itemized deductions and increase individual... more

A Great Tax Tool is a related party private annuity and the Tax Court recently made it better. Seemingly innocent but deadly to the IRS, private annuities have saved taxes since the beginning of the 1900's. Something as simple as your... more

Great Tax Savings are not about deduction. The Wealthy know how to manipulate the tax law in ways that the Congressional loophole closers never envisioned. And why not. The one million pages of tax laws has created... more

Learn why saving taxes is easier now for the small business owner. Since President Reagan the Government has been busy creating more and more loopholes. You will need a great tax team to find them. Mitt Romney, Google... more

The New York Times reports - "Buried deep in the tax returns released by Mitt Romney's presidential campaign are references to dozens of offshore holdings with names like Ursa Funding (Luxembourg) S.à.r.l. and Sankaty Credit... more

Related party loans are a great way to shift income and protect assets. Congress told the IRS to update its regulations to take into account credit risks of the related party. The IRS said ?no?. Shifting income to a lower tax entity is easy... more

Google and General Electric have been slammed in the press for having a Great Tax Team. GE paid no U.S. income tax... Google is did better. They will have a negative U.S. income tax. Great Tax Teams do much more than mere tax... more

Foreign Trusts myths versus facts. Get the inside story of Nat King Coles Bahamas Trusts on this episode. Foreign trusts are an effective wealth creating tool. Now the IRS has provided the blueprint for saving taxes and protecting... more