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Who is Pravy Sektor? Pravy Sektor (The Right Sector), is the largest and most organized Far Right Wing group in the Ukraine today. The group was founded after the Euromaiden protests that occurred in the Ukraine back in Nov of 2013.... more

HD audio only at Last Call with suddenly John 1st hour The supposed push to end NSA data collection is a scam Kobe Bryant crucified in social media for not supporting Trayvon Martin Ukrainian radicals blockade... more

Russia and China joining forces in the pursuit of energy, global power and monitary dominance. The women of update you on whats really going on in Eurasia.

Nazis and Communists and radical nationalists OH MY! A look at Ukraine in the 20th Century and how it stayed a battleground for the major conflicts of the century.

Every Saturday night the writers of convene to record a panel discussion on the events of the week. This week we are honored to be joined by Mike Kilgore of Talking Treason... more

Erased History is a production of In each episode we strive to reveal lost history and help educate everyone on the facts that everyone should know about their past.

Episode 21 of TK Presents Last Call will be recorded live at 8pm EDT on Saturday, March 15th. Potential topics for the panel include: * Theories on what happened to Malayia flight 370 * Obama's plan to turn the Internet over to the... more

Can you believe that we've been doing this for 20 episodes now? We're still going strong and ready to bring you another weekend of history, current events, snarkiness, analysis, and the general feeling afterwards that we're all doomed.... more

The women of take to the airwaves to discuss the issues of the week sans John, Mr. Sommers, Joseph, and others exhibiting Y chromosomes. Enjoy their insights on the nation and the world. No chromosome... more

The whole crew is on board to discuss the history of Common Core and the dangers it poses to America. This is an episode of Erased History that you definetely do not want to miss!\ Image credit: Arthurc01