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Black Nobility: The Anti-Christ in Movies - Dune 1984

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Esoterique ESPionage

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Tonight we look at the portrayal of the Anti-Christ in movies and for tonight the iconic Dune based on Frank Herbert's famous Sci Fi novel that many people know nothing about its hidden codes. The original can be seen here:


In 1984 was another iconic movie Dreamscape starring young Dennis Quaid, and both this and Dune are used on the infamous Monarch psychic black ops program Theta~Θ that we will discuss.

The name Kwisatz Haderach from Frank Herbert's Dune series, translated as "the Shortening of the Way", is derived from the term kefitzat haderech.

Kefitzat Haderech (Hebrew: ???????? ?????????, Modern Q?fi?at haDére? or Kfitzat haDérech Tiberian Q?p¯î?á? hadDére?) is a Jewish Kabbalistic term that literally means "contracting the path." The word kefatz has both the meaning "to shorten" as well as "to jump".

Kefitzat Haderech refers to miraculous travel between two distant places in a brief time. It is perhaps similar to the Lung-gom-pa magical travel in Tibet, and, like the Tibetan practice, involves the use of magical or divine names. The Talmud lists three biblical stories in which this miracle occurs. In early stories of the Chasidic movement, wonder-working rabbis are ascribed the ability to reach destinations with unnatural speed.