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Hidden World Events and History behind the scenes kept from Society by the Powers-that-Be from former Insiders. This is a short 1/2 hour info cast, so we don't take callers. This is NOT a social site like Facebook and YouTube. NO shills.

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Tonight we look at global news items and pick them apart and connect the dots to see the Big Picture

Tonight we continue the thread on the Langue Verte/Green language of the Argonauts. I apologize to listeners as we had a complete blackout power outage out west on the high plains and had no power for hours last night and had to... more

Tonight we continue from the Maze vs. Labyrinth series and look at the encoded slang of the Adepts and Alchemists and Magi in olde Europe. See this link to see All Foole's Day portrayed in the 1975 film version of the Bertolt Brecht play... more

Tonight we carry on the spiritual and occult aspects of the complex multi-cursal Maze vs. the simple unicursal Labyrinth. WHY? Because YOU have the ability to make YOUR life either the Maze You born into like Plato's Cave, OR You can... more

Tonight we discuss the two ancient designs of the Maze and Labyrinth. Though they look similar at distance, up close there was vast differences. So we will look at each one and compare and see HOW it fits the lives we ALL lead... more

This is one of the most challenging questions we ALL have when we wake up to Reality and see that the world is a maze with countless corridors, with many rooms with doors to new passages in the maze and countless trap doors and... more

Tonight won't be nice but we will continue where we left off last night on the Shill Game in the American and UK Truther Movement post 9-11. Too many well meaning people and researchers are being lied to by these greedy shills in... more

Tonight we look at news in brief and discuss fallacies in alternative news. Too many well meaning people have some degree of awakening to reality past the fog of disinfo out there they were blasted with from infancy. This causes seekers... more

Tonight we chill out and review the week and look at world events to connect the dots.

Tonight we continue the movie and book Dune as a paradigm for the rise of the Anti-Christ and Israel as Nation typified by Arrakis the desert planet where the Spice Melange is located and the Worms that produce it and are it.