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The Metu Neter Oracle of Ancient Egypt

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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Have you ever asked yourself “What is my reason for being…Why am I here in the world?” Have you ever remarked that certain events in life were senseless? What if there are means of knowing the purpose of everyone’s existence and the meaning of all events in the world? There are, and one such is the Metu Neter oracle of Kamit (ancient Egypt). Metu Neter translates from the ancient Egyptian into “Word” (Metu) of God (Neter). The oracle system is composed of a set of hieroglyphs that enable communication between man and God. The Metu Neter oracle reveals the part of the person’s spirit that is in charge of a life area or event, and its condition. From this data predictions are made, and action plans for correction, optimization of success, litigation of issues and so forth are put in place. It prescribes the applicable spiritual law(s) that must be focused on, the heka or mantra that must be used in the meditation or ritual, the specific aromatherapy or gem that corresponds to the part of the spirit and so on. Since Mr. Amen channeled the oracle (1985) through his psychic abilities, hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world have benefitted from it, and verified its accuracy and the effectiveness of the mantras and other esoteric prescriptions. The Metu Neter oracle is used to find the answers to all of life’s issues; your destiny, your destiny; is the person right for you to marry and what is the spiritual lesson in the relationship; your spiritual relationship with your children, siblings, parents; career readings, jobs, litigations, choosing a lawyer, a doctor, a therapeutic approach; making a major purchase—if it is a part of life…you can communicate with God through the oracle. The oracle is a powerful element for success. If man’s positive thinking can empower his/her life, imagine what can be done with God’s counsel guiding one’s thinking about life. Tune in and have your readings handy. You will not want to miss this show.