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Ancient Egyptian (Kamitic) Religious Scriptures—Oldest religious documents in the World

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Ra Un Nefer Amen has provided the only accurate translation of the so called Egyptian Book of the Dead or so called Pert Em Hru. The religious and spiritual scriptures of the ancient Egyptians are the only authoritative sources of the spiritual teachings and practices of the ancient Egyptians. In the same way that you could not explain Christianity without reference to the Bible, or Islam without reference to the Quran, you cannot explain Kamitic spirituality without reference to its scriptures. The spiritual philosophy and practices of the ancient Egyptians were laid out clearly in their main scripture which was called The Book of the Dead by Arab grave robbers because they found copies of the book buried with the mummies, and the book has also been called Pert Em Hru by Egyptologist who believed that the title of one of its chapters applied to the entire book. The ancient Egyptians held that man is divine by nature and not human. This is the main theme of all of their scriptures, and the message is found in its most lucid and complete form in the so called Book of the Dead. Ra Un Nefer Amen has given the world the only correct translation of the book (2008) and its correct title; Nuk Au Neter, I am a Divine Being. Join him to get a true understanding of the ancient Egyptian spiritual system as they documented it. It is time to put away all of the absurdities, fantasies and lies put forth by Egyptologists, spiritual dilettantes, and prejudiced minds against ancient Egypt. You will discover if you have not yet that theirs was a religion as high as any can rise to. It is time for the oldest religion to retake its place among the great spiritual teachings in the world and to help lead the world out of its spiritual bankruptcy. It is time for you to start learning this spiritual system from out of the mouths and minds of its authors and not from the vague imaginings and musing of Egyptologists and historians.