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There is an 80% chance that your sun sign is wrong

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Yes! You are most likely a Virgo and not a Libra, a Piscean and not an Arian. It is most likely that the sign preceding what you have been told is your sun sign (moon and rising, etc.) is the correct one. In the first century BC a Greek dilettante of astrology by the name of Hipparchus arbitrarily decided that there was no such thing as the precession of the signs. He therefore fixed 0 degrees of Aries to March 21st, and the beginning of each sign to the 21st of each month forever. If this were true then there could be no ages. There would have been no passing from the Arian age to the Piscean, and no coming of the age of Aquarius. The truth is that March the 21st which corresponds on an average to the spring equinox acts like the hour hand of a clock that moves backwards through the zodiac at the rate of one degree every 72 years. An age will therefore last 2160 years (30 degrees x 72 years). Given the elapsed time since Hipparchus’ time 21st March at sunrise now points to the first 2.5 degrees of Pisces. This is why it is said that we are at the dawn of Aquarius. Come and learn with Ra Un Nefer Amen how you can gain the proper insight into astrology and your personal horoscope.