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Herukhuti, Ritual of the Month (Lunar Cycle)

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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A major cause of problems in life is the failure to recognize that man's being is composed of an indivisible duality of Self and Spirit. The Self, which is consciousness and will has no restrictions in time and space; that is, it can will to manifest whatever at any time. Unfortunately, it is not the executor of its intentions nor is it the performer in our being. The execution of our intentions (will, wishes, hopes, expectations, fears, etc.) is the spirit which is the energy/matter aspect of our being. Unlike the Self which is unrestricted in its ability to declare its intentions, the spirit is bound, in its earthly manifestations, by time and space which are the essence of earthly existence. The well known statement that "there is a time for all under the sun" refers to the earthly manifestations of the spirit and not to the activities of the Self (consciousness/will). Ancient Egyptian religion (Kamitic spirituality) placed a major focus on the cultivation of the spiritual faculties and talents of their people. Each of the faculties of man's spirit came into prominence at a specific lunar month and as a result played a major role in worldly and personal events that came under its auspices. It was also the best time of the year for the cultivation of that part of the spirit. Herukhuti correspond to the part of the spirit governing this lunar cycle. It is the part of man's spirit that is in charge of giving and receiving justice, spiritual protection, entrepreneurship, competition, aggressiveness, combativeness, athletic performance, and all things of a martial nature. Come and share in the experience of many of the members of the Ausar Auset Society who have performed meditations and ritual for the cultivation of this part of the spirit (Paut Neteru/Tree of Life) for the past 37 years. In preparation for the show, you are advised to review the appropriate literature on Herukhuti (Metu Neter, etc.). Come and spend an evening with Ra Un Nefer Amen.