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Discussions about nationality, Moorish history, science, astronomy, astrology, anthropology, archeology Personal health, natural cures, herbs, ancient civilizations,Law,Contract Law,Private and Public Law,Political Science,Personal and Group food creation. To own a business that belongs to you http://www.newdebtelimination.com

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What are the mechanics to the Constitution of the U.S? How do they benefit people of African decent in America? What do the facts state? To register with your Government go to http://www.moorishamericangov.org/ To access the... more

What does his current wives have to say?(on the air) How can polygamy be legal in America. How many countries around the world recognize Moorish Marriages What happened at the U.N. In the 1960's? To register with your Government... more

http://www.tarhakaarchives.org What is it the Moors should rediscover about self? How can Moors use this discovery to benefit themselves Today in America? What part of your ancient story is the most important? What part does Nationhood... more

Is marriage in the America system for people of African decent? Is the so called black Church keeping women single? What is the bottom line of our relationships with each other? What is a marriage contract? Is American marriage contracts... more

What doe's his current wives have to say?(on the air) How many people have you had released from prison? http://www.moorishamericangov.org http://www.tarhakaarchives.org

Just how was the Moorish American Government started? What happened at the U.N. In the 1960's? What doe's his current wives have to say? How many wives did he have and how many doe's he have

What exactly are we as people of African decent eating? Who is controlling food production in the United States? Are the food stuffs we eat in America nutritious? Are there foods on the market to poison the American population? Has the... more

How does the American system control the brain? What is Religion? How do we escape brain control? What about our social order? Who do we hold responsible for leadership? http://www.tarhakaarchives.org

How important is family and business? What has happened to the so called black family ? Does Government assistance build up families? What is the solution to saving the family? What part does business play in the family?... more

Why should Moors have their own schools?What is the benefit of Moors having Their own Schools?How Should these Schools be structured?How should these schools be funded?Should these schools only contain students of African... more
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