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Discussions about nationality, Moorish history, science, astronomy, astrology, anthropology, archeology Personal health, natural cures, herbs, ancient civilizations,Law,Contract Law,Private and Public Law,Political Science,Personal and Group food creation. To own a business that belongs to you http://www.newdebtelimination.com

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How does the money work on your job? What about the taxes they take out? What part does the federal reserve play? How do you keep. all the money you work for? How do you get Economic Security? Go to our new page... more

Special guest: Diallo Sekou, Shem El, Abundance Child, Fatimah Shabazz and More. Tonight's topic is on the up coming summit Executing Economic Security. Go to http://www.summitofthemoors.com http://www.newfreehelpgroup.com/... more

What is the construction of the straw man? How does the Fed come into play? What is the mechanics behind redemption of straw- man? What words should we look out for? What would the world look like without Money? What is the... more

What is the construction of contracts? How does offer and acceptance work in contracts? What is the mechanics behind redemption of straw- man? For the solution to contract problems and much more go to... more

How should Moors Mate? What about sex? Should Moors follow the culture of other Nations when it comes to sex? What should Moors do with the relationship problem in the U.S.? What should Moors do about sex outside their race? How... more

What is men't by quiet title? When can you do a quiet title? What will our economic future look like in 2014? What are the experts saying? http://www.newfreehelpgroup.com

Who and what is GOD? Where did the GOD concept come from? Where is GOD exactly? How many GOD'S are created in mans image? Is there a real GOD? Where did Adam and Eve come from? feel free to visit... more

Is there fraud involved?What is the solution to the problem?What contracts should Moors use?Don't miss this revealing broadcastby Tarhaka
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  • What is the cause of land fraud? Do Moorish Americans own their land in America? Do Moorish Americans own their homes? What part doe's the federal reserve play? Is there fraud involved? What is the solution to the problem? What... more

    What makes child support legal in the U.S.? Why are men in the U.S. being jailed for non payment of Child support for children that don't belong to them? Is child support a scam in America? Is child support illegal? Should men sue the child... more
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