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Discussions about nationality, Moorish history, science, astronomy, astrology, anthropology, archeology Personal health, natural cures, herbs, ancient civilizations,Law,Contract Law,Private and Public Law,Political Science,Personal and Group food creation. To own a business that belongs to you http://www.newdebtelimination.com

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What part doe's the C.I.A. play in covert operations of the United States? Are there underground cities in the U.S.? Who controls wars on this planet? What is Groom Lake? What is area 51 all about? How doe's all this effects the people... more

How can we settle the true Jewish question? What is the great challenge ? Don't miss this powerful broadcast For financial solutions Visit http://www.newfreehelpgroup.com/ Past shows... more

What is your Nationality? What is the difference between Nationality and Race? How do race mixing benefit people of African decent? Does race mixing cause a problem for people that engage in it? Does race mixing cause confusion for the... more

What is meant by the higher vibration? How do we gain control of our higher vibrations? What is knowledge of self? What does it mean to be Conscious? Visit http://www.newfreehelpgroup.com/

What is the attack against Hip Hop? What part does the Illuminati play? Who are the players? Is there murder involved? http://www.newfreehelpgroup.com

What is inside your Mortgage that makes it illegal ? What is the media not telling you about your mortgage? What is the Solution to the problem? Be sure to visit http://www.newfreehelpgroup.com

What is the main financial benefit of self Agriculture? What is the current status of today's beneficial market? How can we profit on our own land? What percentage of the market is available today? How doe's other products we own and... more

What is our money worth today? What facts should we know when pulled over by police? What is a Sovereign Citizen? Can Silver and Gold save us? What is the solution to our main investments now?

Whats the real reason the brothers cheat? Whats the real reason the sisters cheat? Why are so many brothers still single? What about the strong black woman? What about black relationships on college campuses? Visit... more

Are the Courts afraid of the masses? How legal are our taxes? What tools should we have for our survival? How should we defend ourselves? What is coming financially ? more
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