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Dimensions of Life Holistic Healing


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Dimensions of Life Holistic Healing focuses on Health, Stress & Lifestyle Management solutions that transforms negative thinking into positive energy.

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According to the American Heart Association obesity is the number one reason that greatly enhances mortality and morbidity among adolescence. The prevalence of obesity places children and adolescents at risk for many diseases... more

Join me, as we explore canine cancer protocols. Regardless of whether you are living with the devastating news that your pet has cancer, or if you are just researching alternative treatment methods, the goal of Kelly Theil's book is to... more

In today's segment we are discussing prenatal care and the Surgeon General's Call to Action- The Call to Action details how people and organizations can contribute to the health of mothers and their children with regard to... more

Vibrant Living is a proactive journey for creating radiant health and longevity. In an easy-to-read format, this book is a total mind and body wellness guide, complete with detailed exercises and dietary plans that illuminate the path to... more

A woman is said to have completed natural menopause when she has not had a period for 12 consecutive months. For American women, this typically happens at around age 51 or 52. Menopause occurs immediately if the uterus or both... more

An estimated 5.3 million women in the United States drink and abuse illicit drugs in a way that threatens their health, safety, and general well-being. A strong case can be made that heavy substance abuse is more risky for women than... more

The Oxford English Dictionary reveals that spirituality is the ?quality or condition of being spiritual', and spiritual ‘pertaining to... the spirit': spirit, in turn, is the ‘vital principle in man', one's ‘essential character, nature or... more

"Healthy living is a mindset. The choices we repeatedly make become our habits, and improving these habits takes a blend of motivation and education. A Healthier Ever After illustrates how each of us can create a mindset of health,... more

In today's segment we are discussing Military Women's Health and Wellness: Understanding PTSD and Combat Related Stress. Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can happen to anyone, although most of us have become familiar with... more

If you are ready to create a healthier life, this episode is for you. In this segment we'll explore ways to understand and acquire life skills that create and support physical health, emotional balance and healthy behaviors. You'll learn to bridge... more
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