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Tantric Therapy

Tantric Therapy


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Tantra is not just a sexual practice but a spiritual path. ITantric Therapy uses the Sacred path of Tantra to heal, awaken and transform every area of your life, whether you are in a relationship or alone. It focus on embracing your divinity as an infinite, spiritual be-ing. It also encourages exploration of your sexual potential through conscious connection with others, yourself and the Divine.

On-Demand Episodes

We are speaking to you not in theory but experience. Who are you? Who are you really? What is your true essence? Join us as we expand our consciousness beyond the physical realm, back home to place we have long forgotten. A place... more

Ever feel like life threw a sucker punch to the back of your head? Sometimes it does- and guess what? Good!!! Beleive it or not, your Soul asked it to! Sometimes we find ourselves facing a difficult or traumatic experience- everything... more

SPECIAL 2 hour healing EPISODE - Sexual abuse comes in many forms, whether it was incest, molestation, rape or unhealthy experiences with our partners. Regardless of the form, Sexual Abuse effects us in every area of our... more

Tonight we discuss how being present in every moment can intensify your experience of love-making, increase the love-light within and expand your love of life.

"You can understand only as much as you have experienced..." ~ OSHO I looked at a mud puddle and heard it giggle "I am God and God expresses himself through me" It's in that moment of conscious awakening I know, I too am God... more

Tonight we'll be discussing making your intimate relationships Tantric. We will be discussing healing over past relationships and creating a Tantric Consciousness for future relationships. Feel free to call in, post in the chat room, e-mail or... more

Living a life of PEACE, LOVE AND JOY! We are constantly being influenced by something (the news, our friends or or own thoughts, worries and desires) How do we stay focused on what is real in this imaginary world. We will... more

All energy is the Divine. This week will be discussing the transference of shaktipat, chi energy, life force. When we share this energy which flows through us, it brings into harmony with our own divinity. We will discuss different... more

Tonight at 10pm we'll have a juicy discussion on Tantric Sex -bringing consciousness into our love-making and making love-making a conscious experience.?We'll talk about the art of Tantric Oral Pleasure and Yoni and... more

The Healing Tantra. Join us as we discuss the Sacred path of Tantra and how this ancient practice can HEAL you in EVERY area of your life.