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Tanner Britt at Night

Tanner & Britt at Night


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Tanner & Britt are a couple living in south Florida. The show features humorous commentary and current events discussion.

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Robotic sea turtles, bacteria used for power, printing 3D guns, defending big bird, DNA based nanobots, pervert mohels, and tobacco enemas. All that and nothing more!

A short show tonight. Still a lot of fun! We're talking about a crazy man in Georgia. Get on it!

Wake the F**K up. Samuel L Jackson is crazy, politics are crazy, this show is crazy. Let's get it on

President Obama and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney are facing off tonight! It's like a presidental Mario's PUNCHOUT, or a red and blue Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots (wait a minutes ...) Let's discuss the nonsense as it happens with some... more

Transformer pajamas, concentraiton and puppies, killer viruses, NDAA, the original original Mona Lisa, Japanese cuddle bar, Arnold and Maria, and much more. Tune in, Call in, Participate! (877) 921-1662

Lots of good stuff on the docket tonight. We'll talk about the electoral college, France's 75% "Millionaires Tax", some crazy teen girls that beat the bajesus out of a mentally handicapped woman, FOX News and their insane screw-up,... more

JK Rowling's new book, Athens decends into chaos, San Fran wises up to proper ethnic labeling, more guns than people, crossing the Artic in a sailboat, bacon shortage, and much more covered in this evening's show.

Lots of stuff tonight. Listen in, call in, laugh with us.

Patriotism, Big Music Business, Lame Duck Congress, and condoms, and a shower that washes your clothes.

Is Mitt Romney using bronzer to look more Latino? Ever wanted to cook a burger with your car? Gangnam style out virals Call Me Maybe. Obama's traitorous anti-American flag poster. A pillow made for an Ostrich. Obama's Univision... more
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