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Conservative T & T: 2008-2011


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Thank you all who have listened to Conservative T & T over the past two years or so. What I have been able to do with this show was amazing, and all the good friends I have made, all the money I have had to spend, and sleepless nights were worth every second. I know some out there are wondering what happened to me and where I went, and there will be a blog post posted soon about that. I do not look at this as the end, because I am not quitting. I look at this as time to step back and look at what needs to be done with the show better and what needs to stay the same. Again, I appreciate all the e-mails from everyone asking about me and all of you out there who have listened. Be on the lookout for that blog post, and make sure to check out the other show page for more archived episodes at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conservativett

On-Demand Episodes

Tonight on the show: Poker sites shut down by F.B.I., FAA may give nap time to air traffic controllers, Obama asks if we think he is stupid and I give him his answer, I will play some music, take your calls, and much more.

Tonight on the show: The TSA does not want to answer to the American people when it comes to the searches of kids. What will get their attention and get them to change the way they do things? Also, the percentage of American's... more

Tonight on the show we will talk about what the President had to say in his speech on the budget. I will also be taking your calls and much more!

Tonight on the show we will look at what President Obama may be offering to cut in his budget for next year. We will also take a look at the Ryan plan and what the CBO has to say about it compared to the Obama plan for fiscal year 2012. You... more

This morning on the show we will be talking more about the budget deal that was struck, the upcoming battles in Congress, I will take your calls, listen to some music, and much more!

We will talk politics, play some music, and much more!

Just some ranting by your host and a call or two

Tonight on the show we will discuss the unemployment numbers, oil prices soar, First Grade teacher suspended for Facebook rant about students, I will play some music, and much more!

This is where I take an hour away from politics every week to talk about everything else that I want to talk about. I will also play some music, you can call and talk about anything BUT politics (you can save it for my other show),... more

Tonight on the show we will be discussing the Obama plan for energy in America and why he still does not understand. Also, the President's poll numbers are not looking good, Rumsfeld's thoughts on the "Kill-Team" photo's from Afghanistan,... more