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Why does Vivica A. Fox calls herself a Sabre-toothed tiger? Why is Uncle Sam waiting for Lil' Wayne to get out of jail? Who did Flo'rida dump Brandy for? And which actor is due for a roast on Comedy Central? To find out the answers to... more

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Is Solange Knowles having a mental breakdown? Is Alicia Keys and John Legend finally going to do a collabo? What supermodel thought she would never use botox? And which commercial pitchman is up for an Emmy? To find out the... more

What former Secretary of State is joining forces with the Queen of Soul? Which well known comedian gets kicked off a plane for buggin'? Which Hip Hop & R&B couple is patching things up after the dust settles? And what former employee... more

Is Rihanna being pressured to strip? Why is Tori Spelling being hated on by her former 90210 cast mates? Which classic R&B singer is launching a jewelry line? Is Angelina and Brad adding another addition to their family? To find out the... more

What kind of gifts did Oprah come bearing for her magazine staff? What infamous gossip maven will not face criminal charges after all? Did Harrison Ford finally put a ring on it? Why is T-Pain refusing to put out any more records? And why is... more

Which Hollywood couple, who just renewed their vows, is giving you a glimpse of their romantic life? Who is the person that Joe Jackson is really blaming for Michael Jackson's death? Is Christina Aguilera bisexual? Find out the answers to... more

What famous Film Director is given his expertise on stopping the oil spill? Which Latino heart throb is embracing his sexuality? Is Beyonce being sued by her neighbor? Find out the answers to these questions and more by tuning into... more

What famous rocker scares the 'ish out of his fans? What did Crystal Bowersox do before the American Idol finale? Why is R&B singer Erykah Badu "OK" with infidelity? Which pop superstar is adding "author" to her long list of... more

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