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What brought Pharrell Williams to tears? How did Flavor Flav plead to attempted battery? What cause Miley Cyrus to cancel her tour date? Why is Ice Cube firing back at folks about his comments on not winning a MTV Movie Award?... more

Why is there controversy after Mickey Rooney death? Why did Barbara Walters say she will not cry when she leaves "The View?" Why is Jamie Foxx looking for his parents? Is fitness trainer, Jullian Michaels leaving "The Biggest... more

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Which Hollywood couple has decided to call it quits? What cause "Scandal" star, Columbus Short to get into an alleged bar fight? Why was Nick Cannon slammed as being a racist? What celebrity decided to change his name, again? And... more

Tune in for another special edition of That's Entertainment as I welcome actor Michael Beach. Beach is no stranger to television and films. For the past 30 years, he has worked with many acclaimed actors, producers and directors such... more

Why is the NFL suing Rapper M.I.A. for $16.6 million dollars? Why did John Mayer lauched a lawsuit against Charlie Sheen's friend? Why is Tyler Perry ending his longtime relationship with Lionsgate? Has Halle Berry been cut from... more

Tune in for another special edition of That's Entertainment as I talk with Author Sharnel Williams about her latest book, "A Mother's Worst Nightmare." No one knows pain and heartache like a parent who loses a child and Author Sharnel is... more

How did Teresa and Joe Giudice plead in their ongoing tax fraud case? What was Miley Cyrus caught doing at a recent concert? Why did Oprah tell Lindsay Lohan to "cut the bull ***?" Why is Chelsea Handler under fire for her tweets during... more

Will Robin Thicke continue his tour after he and Paula annouced their separation? What horrific experience did Gabrielle Union revealed to the ladies of "The View? Is Rihanna creating new music for an animation movie? Did Katy Perry... more