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The Age of Synthesis of Opposites - The Counter-Revolution #2

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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We need a whole new scientifically based religious system with designs and parables for the Kali Yuga post-modern age, the old Solar religions of love thy neighbor are becoming meaningless, we need the power of Lucifer & Lilith, of Kybele and Vajrayogini, and other warriors of dark light. We all need to become Kalki, and slay the daemons of the unconscious which lurk at every turn, for now metaphorically, perhaps one day literally, until only the Dharma and its adherants remain.

This is the path of synthesis. the hegalian dialected reads “synthesis + antithesis = synthesis”. So what does this mean practically? It means that upon reaching the transcendental spheres of awareness, you are the thesis. The antithesis is those around you lost in avidya, ignorance. In order to synthesis these two you must master both the above, and below, and harmonize it in yourself and by your own will. This is the counter-revolution against the new age that must be.