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On the BlogTalkRadio airwaves since 2012, Talkupy has more than 300,000 listens and 125+ shows with the most interesting people on the planet. Guests are people who do good things for community and make the world a better place. The show features lively in-depth interviews with people who are infinitely interesting and charming. It's always an adventure. Talkupy guests are active in everything from activism to photography, politics to permaculture, helping people or animals to conserving the envrionment, or writing books to raising goats. You never know who will be on the show, but you do know they will have a great story to tell host Annie Lindstrom. They show airs at 11 a.m. ET on Tues and Thurs, but times do vary. To get show updates go to, @Talkupy_Radio on Twitter, or follow Talkupy on BlogTalkRadio.

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From Bradley Manning to Aaron Schwartz to Barrett Brown, whistleblowers are under attack. Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes attorney JasonFlores-Williams, founder of the Whistle Blower Defense League (WBDL).... more

The United States has 5% of the world's population, yet 25% of the world's prison population. What in the world is going on? Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes National Lawyers Guild Attorney and Filmmaker Matthew Pillischer to... more

It's Caturday night! Join me and Saturday Night Dive's co-host this week -- Occupier Yoni Miller at 10 p.m. ET. We'll be talking about the Brooklyn Protests that have been going on since the murder of Kimani Gray by NYPD, Stop... more

If there is one thing the Occupy movement is not lacking, it's music to protest by. Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Jason Samel, Founder and Executive Director of Music for Occupy, to the show Thursday, March 21 at 11 am ET. A... more

Time to dive into the issues of the day with the prolific and profound media meisters who love to paint Facebook with their words and photos! Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes artist/activist/anarchist Damien Crisp to a special... more

Join members of Mountain Justice and RAMPS Campaign for their rally to demand a bright future for West Virginia at the state capitol in Charleston. Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Laura Steepleton of Stop the Kaboom... more

What do running on a treadmill, mixing drinks, painting, and taking live phone calls have in common? An energetic, LA-based artist who encourages people to be creative by doing all of the above simultaneously in front of a live... more

Red Lake tribal members and allies are demanding that Enbridge Energy LP stop the flow of oil through pipelines that were built without permission on tribal lands. Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Marty Cobenais, pipeline organizer for... more

Sometimes you just have to get in there and show the politicians how it's done. Helping to create a win-win situation can, and has been done in St. Petersburg, FL. Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Christian Haas, a community... more

If pictures speak 1000 words, Jenna Pope and her camera are talking faster than any speed talker in history. Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes activist photographer Jenna Pope to the show February 28, at 11 a.m. Eastern Time.... more