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Making the Cold War hotter. And other political insanity

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It seems many in America want to keep provoking Russia. In Europe last week, Jeb Bush came off sounding like a Barack Obama understudy when it came to American policy on Ukraine and in assessing Russian President Vlad Putin. 

And then there were the lo-info survey takers, also last week, who willingly signed a petition to nuke Russia.

If this is the prevailing attitude in America, you'd best do a refresher on some Cold War prep practices. The stuff we used to call civil defense back when America was challenged by the Soiviet Union. Today's politicians and bureaucracy only push the Utopian fantasy side of their policies and agenda.

Don and Doug lived through the Cold War era, remember it well, and will bring forward come classic common sense preps on this week's show. The same practices are applicable to other disaster or doomsday scenarios. 

By the way, do you even know if you live downwind from any potential targets that might be targeted by nuclear war or nuclear equipped terrorists?

We'll also update some of the deranged political insanity on the home front, including the Republicans mad push to grant Obama wider ranging fast-track trade negotiation powers. Part of the plan got voted down in Congress last week, but Republican leaders seem stuck on stupid and have vowed to launch another assault on the will of the people by pushing for a re-vote. 

When our alleged representatives abandon the people, and gleefully march toward a globalist agenda, another deeper unraveling of the economy supporting America's middle class can't be far behind.

Other updates and topics as they arise. You're participation is invited as well either by phone or by chat room.