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Don and Doug connect the dots in perilous times. Conservative talk and analysis of political, economic and social matters.

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Update: Join us today as we celebrate Mr. Boehner's announced departure from Congress. Wo'll also give a tip o' the hat to Donald Trump for his part in making it happen. ***** Muslims, self labeled as migrants or refugees, continue to make... more

In September 1683, a Muslim army was defeated at Vienna, saving Europe from conquest. Fast forward to September 2015, a larger Islamic horde makes a much deeper advance. And European leaders offer little resistance, some... more

Islamic migrants now swarm across Europe, with more on the way. Neat trick. Islam sending in an army Trojan Horse style, without bothering to use a Trojan Horse. Meanwhile, many Republicans on Washington's Capitol Hill vow to vote... more

Still think another round of elections can straighten out the mountain of messes that are piling up? It appears two cops have been murdered in Texas. Another gunned down in Illinois. At the same time, self-proclaimed activists are calling... more

Democrats have apparently latched onto the Virginia TV news crew murders to review their emotion filled calls for more gun control, but exactly what kind of restriction might have stopped Wednesday's killing? From what I can tell, the... more

A friend send us a link this week to a report out of Venezuela that newborns are dying in hospital from exposure to bacteria spread by an infestation of opposums at the facility. The report also said restroom service was spotty as well.... more

There was a new protest chant in Ferguson, Missouri the other day. "What are we ready for? "We're ready for war." Last fall in Ferguson, the sound of pro-Communist chants echoed in the streets of Ferguson. It was noted in the... more

Unless something goes drastically wrong between now and Friday, we should have a Republican presidential debate to recap. Latest polling shows Donald Trump with a commanding lead over the rest of the field. Meanwhile, there's a... more

Hard to recognize America today. The coming 2016 election takes on a surreal tone, as real estate tycoon and reality TV star Donald Trump surges on the Republican side, while died-in-the-wool 1960s style socialist Bernie Sanders... more

Last August, Don and Doug declared there was enough evidence to say we had entered an era of mass political delusion, and the out of control Washington would unleash even more insanity as it accelerated its pursuit of a progressive Utopia,... more