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Don and Doug connect the dots in perilous times. Conservative talk and analysis of political, economic and social matters.

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Evidence continues to trickle in. There's no economic recovery, just a cruel Ponzi scheme being deployed to hide American's decline. In other news, President Obama's trying hard to regain the presidential imagry after bungling it badly in... more

Welcome to the awkward stage. The time afer the damage has been done to America but before the results reveal themselves in their full ugliness. We've touched on the topic before, but we'll dig deeper this week on how to make the... more

Program topic update: Immigration will likely lead today's (July 11th) show on BlogTalkRadio, and we'll highlight past action by Barack Obama that played a key part in putting the current border crisis in motion. We'll also note... more

Things are escalating. If the times seem normal to you, you're not paying attention. Connect the dots, these are indeed perilous times. Don and Doug run through another set of circumstances, another set of revelations. Are you doing... more

First off, let's talk about the increasingly lawless nature of the federal government. Taken individually, apparent infractions may not seem like a big deal. Things may look differently if you take time to see a pattern. Speaking of lawlessness,... more

Among the topics we're likely to highlight this week: GOP elites have spent years trying to convince themselves that the Tea Party is irrelevent. Eric Cantor's primary defeat this week says othewise. President Obama's back touting the... more

We've taken a break, but it's time to catch back up on things. The stock market's soaring ever higher, but how high can it go? Meanwhile,more businesses appear to be in trouible, retail especially seems down and out. We'll dig into... more

We're back May 16th with a fresh program. Open Carry. Are people really freaked out when they see someone lawfully carrying a gun in an open manner? Gun control fanatics would have you think so, but we'll share evidence to the... more

Some eerie developments are taking place, but they're hard to see if you continue to wear politically correct blinders. What often passes for normalcy today would have been labeled totalitarian just few years ago. We'll share some examples.... more

Plenty more discussions and waring signs out there. We'll lay out a few more as the general direction of things remains in the same downward trajectory. We'll also take a look at a promising new gun law in Georgia that gives wide rights to... more