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Don and Doug connect the dots in perilous times. Conservative talk and analysis of political, economic and social matters.

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How can you tell when your government has turned fascist? Wouidl it be when a presidential candidate feels bold enough to say religions should be amended to fall in line with the will of the state? Would it be when a president counters... more

Are you following the push to pass Obama's highly secretive Trans-Pacific Trade Pact? House Speaker John Boehner's not shy about being a staunch Obama ally on this one, and is reportely going all-out to get the deal shoved through... more

Suddenly the Federal Reserve seems concerned that its growth projections for the U.S. economy may have been more fantasy than reality. It's a sure sign rougher times may be just ahead. Rioters have made a mess in Baltimore. What else... more

So much of the buzz this week has been about Hillary Clinton. Maybe even more so in conservative circles than among Democratic Party operatives. Sure, the scorn conservatives now pile on Clinton may be well deserved... But what other... more

Seems you nver really know what our present president will say or do next. Don found yet another mind boggling example. "I'm not interested in having battles that frankly started before I was born. The Cold War's been over for a long time." -... more

Used to be America strived to be more American. Today, America exists under a heavy-handed federal governemnt that seemingly wants to make us into something quite different. The shift has been slow. At least it was in the past.... more

Obama got his long sought deal with Iran over Iran's nuclear program. Obama says it's win-win. iran, however, almost immediately Iran said Obama was lying about the terms. Did you see where Harry Reid got called out for being a... more

Word's out that Obama's snubbed NATO's new commander, while at the same time expressing continued satisfaction he traded Taliban leaders to bring suspected deserter Beau Bergdahl home. Each of these should questions about... more

Plenty to talk about this week. Among three of the biggies, not necessarily in this order: Obama's not just acting like he's mad at Netanyahu, he's acting like there's a score to settle wtih all of Israel for its failure to vote according to the... more

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to Washington at the invitation of House Speaker Boehner to address a joint session of Congress. Turns out, Boehner wasn't looking to hear where Israel stands on Iran's nuclear program, it... more