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Don and Doug connect the dots in perilous times. Conservative talk and analysis of political, economic and social matters.

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Troops to the border. Can Trump sell it to his base as a substitute to the promised wall that's not being built? Conservative protests over the sell out omnibus spending bill faded fast. Plenty of promises were broken with that one, so why'd... more

How many times have advocates for more gun control insisted "nobody wants to take your guns" or "nobody wants to abolish the Second Amendment"? So how come headlines advocating abolishment of the Second Amendement keep... more

The political left has been lecturing since Parkland that armed on-campus school security isn't a solution to stop or prevent school shootings. More guns on campus don't make anyone safer, they say. An incident in Maryland this week proved... more

Media had its narrative on Wednesday: Students across America wanted out of class to demand more gun control. Conversely, you might say these students walked out, demanding a weakening of our U.S. Constitution, and the rights it... more

The gun control crowd marches on, and plans on some showy demonstrations over the next few weeks. First off, an orchestrated school walk out is planned for next week. Week after that, there's the march in Washington. Big heaps of... more

Trump told us he'd protect the Second Amendment if elected. He may be better on 2-A issues than Hillary Clinton, but running sloppy second's not good enough. There's some dangerous signally out of Washington DC. Let's talk about it. Let's... more

There's a major update on the Stoneman Douglas High School Resource Officer. We raised questions on last week's show, now we have some answers. Didn't take long for the anti-gun forces to mobilize, seeking to take full advantage... more

Heard much about Russiagate lately? Probably not if you're following along in so-called mainstream media. Revelations of regarding appearances of corruption or collusion are bouncing back and landing at the feet of Democrats and their... more

President Trump's first State of the Union address was a hit with America. And a disaster for the scowling Democrats in the audience. Are we seeing a trend? Are Democrat missteps separating party leaders from the party's voter base? Or is... more

Republicans on Capitol Hill act like they've got the goods to blow the doors off a 'deep state' conspiracy. But so far, these Republicans haven't shown us the goods. They only seem to be tinkering with declassifying and releasing... more