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Don and Doug connect the dots in perilous times. Conservative talk and analysis of political, economic and social matters.

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Unless something goes drastically wrong between now and Friday, we should have a Republican presidential debate to recap. Latest polling shows Donald Trump with a commanding lead over the rest of the field. Meanwhile, there's a report circulating that Trump hasn't voted in the last six presidential elections. Is it true? Does it matter? Democrats haven't scheduled any debates thus far. Can't blame 'em with all the Hillary Clinton scandals. Dems may also worry about putting an unscrpited Bernie Sanders on live TV to tout the virtues of socialism. Other possible topics for this Friday's program: The media had trouble reading a brief statement issued by the Navy over the weekend. It did not contradict something Allen West had reported. It did not make Allen West out to be a liar, despite what you may have read or heard. And while national media may have backed off, the Confederate flag war is still raging in the south. Will media continue to cover the flag flap if those supporting or unopposed to the flag show themselves to be in the majority? The week's still young as we ponder possible topics. Things we never imagined may come to light between now and Friday's program.
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Hard to recognize America today. The coming 2016 election takes on a surreal tone, as real estate tycoon and reality TV star Donald Trump surges on the Republican side, while died-in-the-wool 1960s style socialist Bernie Sanders... more

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A continuation of today's June 12th program

It appears Republicans in Washington have been caught red handed trying to sneak through wider executive immigration powers for the president. This is the same Republican Party that was voted into wider power last year on the promise... more

So far this week, we've heard President Obama brag how he's restored global respect for America, heard him say he doesn't indulge in politics of racial division, and we've been told he's claimed to being the closest thing to a Jew who's held... more

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