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Don and Doug connect the dots in perilous times. Conservative talk and analysis of political, economic and social matters.

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We're expressed early on that Donald Trump is outflanking the media and others on the political left. Even when it seems Trump has blundered into a trap, it's the Left that ends up looking goofy. Hysterics and hate only go so far, and it's likely... more

Democrats continue attempts to nutralize the transition of President Trump, block imptementation of Trump policies. Unprecedented resistance by an out of power party? If you believe talk by some Democrats, they believe Trump can be driven... more

Still early in the Trump administation, but it's another week of obvious gains for the Trump administration. AG Jeff Sessions receives senate confirmation, so too, Ed Sec Betsy DeVos. Meanwhile, Trump tied the media up in its own web... more

Nearly three months after Donald Trump's presidential election, Democrats still play the part of sore losers, vowing to obstruct the Trump administration in any way it can. Yes, Republicans ,to some extent, opposed parts of the... more

Don and Doug return January 27th to once again connect the dots in what remain perilious times. Donald Trump is president. And despite their brash moves and bragging of mass movements, those who have sought to block or obstruct... more

How did Donald Trump not only beat a pack of GOP oppenonts, but Hillary Clinton as well? How does his transition to the White House seem to stay, at the very least, a few steps ahead of a slew of obstructionists? Ever hear of... more

Among the things catching our eye this week: U.S. Steel says expresses potential of bringing back 10,000 steel manufacturing jobs. Jobs that Obama said were gone forever, never coming back. Stock market's cookin' right along, apparently... more

East Tennessee resort towns Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge were hit by wildfires Monday night. You'd probably never know it if you were watching cable news Monday night, cable news stuck with its formatted political shows. Friend of... more

Don was remarkably upbeat on last week's program. Does his optimism hold? Looks like Ryan's back in as House Speaker. Smart or stupid move by Republicans? Democrats lost more ground in state legislatures, and Pelosi's in... more

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton chose to speak with politeness in post-election comments, but perhaps the conciliatory words were nothing more than window dressing intended to give plausible denial prior to organized socialist mobs... more