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Don and Doug connect the dots in perilous times. Conservative talk and analysis of political, economic and social matters.

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Remember Jeb Bush? He's really desperate to get is name back in the news. We'll share an example on this week's show. Meanwhile, the expanding dysfunction of the American political system put itself on display last Monday in... more

Doug is encouraged by the present populist uprising in American politics, but doesn't expect it to deliver a swift or stunning reversal of affairs. If successful, the populist revolution will displace the elites, or at least drastically diminish their... more

You may have noticed the stock market's off to a rough start in early 2016, and cheap oil's not delivered the positive economic boost many so-called experts predicted it would. Dry bulk shipping, the kind of shipping that moves masses of... more

Concepts of diversty and equality pushed under political correctness took a huge hit in the opening days of 2016. And the unraveling of PC doctrine will likely continue as the new year advances. Reports of migrant mobs assaulting women... more

We've said 2016 may eventually be known as the year of the "great unraveling." Too soon to say for sure how things will end up, but it sure has started off with a bang. The go-it-alone gun control games put forth by Barack Obama is an early... more

Don and Doug will take some time off over the holidays, so consider this our year-ender update. The program is also marking its fifth anniversary, having debuted (on another platform) on December 16, 2010. Some were sure the... more

Let's stop playing games. Let's start calling it for what it is. No, it's not a war in the sense of traditional armies clashing in theaters of combat, at least not yet. But ideologies are clashing, and enough forces are in play that the next unpredicted,... more

Don and Doug aren't soothsayers, and we aren't fortune tellers. But there's enough data points to say the United States, and Western Civ as we've known it, is in serious, imment danger. Europe's under seige by Islamic migrants,... more

Obama won't budge. He insists we need to import hundreds of thousands of Musilm Syrian refugees for the diversity they'll bring. Obama says their inclusion in American cities will make us stronger. An increasing number of... more

Are you following events at the University of Missiouri? Don't bother trying to justify what's happening at #Mizzou by comparison to 1960s college style protests, there are few similarities. But there are some deep contrasts that can... more