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Ronnel Corre, a native from the San Francisco Bay Area. A political commentator and spiritual explorer. Join him as he communicates and express his authority of his own life. We hope to grow effectively and respectfully in this interconnected world of ours. Looking beyond differences and connecting and building life long relationships, skills, and interpersonal respect for one another. Our hope to always remind everyone that you are loved, and you are the child of God, and that no social, political, ethnic/racial, sexual, gender, etc., differences are greater than the love of God. Ronnel Corre has been on the radio for the past year, together he has explored a variety of issues, concerns, and seeking answers and truth from a variety of perception and perspective.

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Have you ever wondered what numerology has in stored for President Obama? Let's find out together! My little prediction.

WIth the recent verdict coming from the Supreme Court the potential for gay equality is coming closer and closer.

Annamai is indeed a modern Oracle: A knower of destiny. Her transformation began at age 25 after a botched chiropractic adjustment. Annamai suffered a massive brain-stem stroke right on the table. The stroke set in immediately,... more

Alaia Leighland, Small Business strategist and Psychic cyrstalologist, Author, Lecturer and Radio /TV host, Workshop leader and facilitator. Later in her life Alaia ventured into the world of Business first as an employee in retail and later... more

Edward is a natural born psychic medium with the ability of clairvoyance, clairaudient, and clairsentience. He has actively practiced his special abilities for over 30 years and has devoted all of his efforts toward growing as a... more

Award-winning Australian singer/songwriter, producer, and global artist community builder gilli moon (pronounced as with a "J"), whose music is called “smart, sensitive and perceptive in a style all her own,” and whose performances are... more

Spiritual Speculation with Dionysus and Ronnel Corre. Join us as we touch on some of the more thought provoking aspects of spirituality, politics, and the state of the Nation. Recently, there have been several stories regarding the... more

Join GayPsychic and Ronnel Corre as they talk about a recent event with the BP oil crisis. Join and listen as they talk about spirituality, politics, and what an average spiritual seeker may or may not be feeling, seeing, hearing, saying, etc.

Join Alaia Leighland and Ronnel Corre as they talk about spirituality, politics, and the BP incident. Listen to their subjective and objective opinions of a wide variety of interesting conversations and insight. Alaia Leighland is, also new to the... more
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