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Talk-N-Angels Radio Show is based on the belief in Angels, and in making them known to as many people as possible. Without being seen, they are present in your life and their sole purpose is to assist you in every way imaginable. Our show brings you interviews with amazing people, authors, healers, artists and musicians and segments on self-discovery, positive affirmations, visualizing a better life and using the Law of Attraction to help keep your awareness focused what your thoughts and feelings are bringing to you in your life.

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At some point, we must accept what is and stop resisting. Then move into a spirit of Gratitude. In this state, there is ease and plenty, warmth and love. Our primary focus in this earth-bound life is to accept the now and respond from the seat of... more

As our beloved Wingman, Michael Gross, travels back across the great Atlantic Ocean returning to the good old USA, I head up the show tonight not alone, but with Angels! Nothing can compare to the loving warmth and sheer joy... more

After enjoying some delicious take-out Chinese food, I cracked open my fortune cookie to read this fortune: "You have an ability to sense and know higher truth." It made me stop and think for a minute about what that means. There is a truth... more

In preparing for a class called Awakening with the Angels, I ask to connect to the angel Metatron for information. As I normally type these messages while they come into my mind, this time I felt it would be better to capture it verbally. This... more

What happens when it seems that Karma has come back to poke you? Sometimes we just need a way to acknowledge and accept it. With everything going on in the world today, we may think we've created the insanity and chaos... more

Joseph Holmes is a survivor of adolescent sexual, emotional and physical abuse. Awakened from a dark night of the soul by angels and the glorious and loving intercessions of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, Joseph became a channel... more

Why did the angels want to talk about this? Because each of us has a duty and an obligation to allow ourselves the freedom to take a chance - on ourselves, on our dreams and wishes. Last week we talked about wishing and now we want... more

Ever make a wish on a falling star or closed your eyes and made a wish on your birthday? Wishes are granted when we understand that the act of concentrating our energy, focusing our thoughts and deliberately stating our desires... more

This week on Talk-N-Angels Radio Show, we welcome Dr. Kevin Gyurina as we talk about a new workshop he is teaching called "Becoming Your Own Healer." Dr Kevin offers simple solutions based on the truths of everyone's body, when... more

No Fear! Imagine how freeing it is to be without those thoughts that limit, that critical voice that ridicules and tells us we can't do something. When we break down Fear what we find are defenses that we've used since the dawn of time to... more
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