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Talk-N-Angels Radio Show is based on the belief in Angels, and in making them known to as many people as possible. Without being seen, they are present in your life and their sole purpose is to assist you in every way imaginable. Our show brings you interviews with amazing people, authors, healers, artists and musicians and segments on self-discovery, positive affirmations, visualizing a better life and using the Law of Attraction to help keep your awareness focused what your thoughts and feelings are bringing to you in your life.

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We are energetic beings and when our vibration matches that of a given virtue, idea, or emotion, we are more likely to pull in more of that into our experience. Learn how to adjust your vibration to abundance through gratitude, appreciation... more

Many people experience what can be called jealousy, envy or covetousness. There's a reason it was labled one of the seven deadly sins. It's because when we're feeling this way, we begin to question ourselves, our choices and we... more

Our families and communities are where we find the most incredible sense of belonging. Our natural tendencies as humans is to survive. One way is through developing a deeper connection to family and community. From the perspective... more

In many indigenous cultures, people wear masks during ceremonies to embody the spirit or energy of other beings. But what about the masks we wear? What is it about being ourselves that frightens some people and forces them to wear a... more

Life in the Divine Experience is living the pure essence of your being and living from the center of the Divine in you. The fullest expression of you happens when you abandon all self-consciousness, release all the tethers that tie you to... more

Losing a life-long friend or a close relative can be overwhelming. The loss can be felt so deeply in our bodies that our hearts actually ache. But there is also a side of death and dying that yields amazing insights, some which can change how... more

Sound healing comes in many forms. This week. our guest Anna Castro shares with us the many ways healing occurs through the use of crystal bowls. Anna started her journey into the healing arts back in 1998 when she received her... more

This week on Talk-N-Angels Radio Show, we delve into the subject of Twin Flame and Soul Mate relationships. Many people are familiar with these terms, but fail to understand the significance or depth of the concept. Finding Angelina Heart was... more

Once upon a time there was a farmer who grew award-winning corn. Each year he entered his corn in the state fair where it won a blue ribbon. One year a newspaper sent a reporter to interview him and learned something fascinating... more

Personal power is inherent in every living thing. By understanding our personal power energy center, the solar plexus, we can achieve greater degrees of freedom. Freedom from anxiety, freedom from pain, freedom from limited... more
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