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Talk-N-Angels Radio Show is based on the belief in Angels, and in making them known to as many people as possible. Without being seen, they are present in your life and their sole purpose is to assist you in every way imaginable. Our show brings you interviews with amazing people, authors, healers, artists and musicians and segments on self-discovery, positive affirmations, visualizing a better life and using the Law of Attraction to help keep your awareness focused what your thoughts and feelings are bringing to you in your life.

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It's just us, your friendly neighborhood Guides and Angels coming to you through our lovely Rita to bring peace, love and joy to those who are anxious, tired and craving deep loving affection from God, Source, the natural world. Wherever you... more

Let's look at Karma this week. Capturing good karma and storing it up for the long journey ahead is a wise move, earthling... It's no joke. People who have the opportunity to do good in this world, in their lives and in the lives of others are... more

Arati knows a thing or two about making the most of what you have. Her journey is multi-faceted. Arati is an actress and voiceover artist participating in a variety of gigs including films, runway fashion shows, commercials, promotions and... more

We're in an age of delusion. Every person walking this earth is deluded to one extent or another, seeing with their physical eyes and yet, seeing different things. Discussions among the angelic realms and the ones who watch over us have... more

Join Rita and Mike as we welcome Kathy Miller and Brenda Berstrom to Talk-N-Angels for a discussion about an exciting workshop coming to Just Breathe in Cinnaminson, NJ August 25th to the 27th called Ishaya's... more

Whether you're experiencing good times or hard times, the guidance today is "this too shall pass." It is enough sometimes to remember that everything we go through here as human beings has a beginning, a middle and an end. No... more

Join us this week as we broadcast live from Just Breathe Spiritual Community Center, 2800 Rt. 130, Suite 100, Cinnaminson, NJ to welcome the energy of Creativity, Community and Living your most authentic life Living a spiritual life... more

Life is like a long road trip. Who will you bring along for the ride? As we navigate through the twists and turns of our lives, moving from one stage to the next, we meet people, we live with people, we invite people into our lives and we say... more

This week on Talk-N-Angels Radio Show, Mike travels to New York City to interview musician Ryan "Gooch" Nelson just before he and his band Gooch and the Motion perform live at B.B. King Blues Bar and Grill. Gooch has... more

All the work we do here spiritually is going into the "castles" we build in the "sky." This came to me during morning meditation. There are works we perform here in our earth lives that are the materials that go into our heavenly abodes. Okay,... more
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