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Talk In The Shadows

Talk In The Shadows


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Are you looking for a radio show that makes you think & allows you to speak your mind? Look no further...we've got what you're craving. Radio for "Deep Thinkers!"

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Everyone has them in their lives...the energy-sucking types who can drain you of your energy just by entering the room. They are never happy and aim to bring you down to their level of negativity and doom and gloom. No matter how happy you... more

The first time I had heard of AJ, he was the"Welcome To The Show" American Soldier on tour with Queensryche for their "American Soldier" tour. He had a huge stage presence and was chock full of energy. AJ Fratto also currently sings... more

Reality TV has been around for decades, but it has really taken over what is on the television these days. Everytime you turn around, there's yet another reality tv show popping up and you can add it to the pile already on the air. Whether you... more

It's that time of year again...time to "Spring Clean." The temperatures are warmer and you can easily open up your windows and air out those musty "Winter Blues." Time to go through your warmer clothes and switch them out for the... more

Whether you woke up Easter Sunday anticipating a huge Easter basket full of cavity-causing goodies and an exciting egg hunt or were brought up to know about Jesus's death and resurrection and looked forward to dressing up in your... more

Who hasn't pulled pranks on someone on April Fool's Day? I know I have been know to pull quite a few in my time. You never know what to expect when I'm around...being a prankster is one of my favorite things to be! If you love April... more

Due to many requests, we have come to the conclusion that it would be both helpful and beneficial to have an ungoing series of shows aptly titled "Advice In The Shadows" in which we will help callers and listeners in chat with advice on... more

Do you have vivid, almost 'real' dreams? Do you dream about things that come to fruition? Do you have horrendous nightmares or repetitive, recurring dreams? Have you woken up believing your dream was your reality and not the other way... more

Everyone's Irish on St. Paddy's Day! So come one, come all, and join us for a day of Celtic celebration and good cheer! Maybe even tip a glass or two of your favorite green ale and wish for a year of much luck and good fortune! We will be... more

Many are huge fans of the cult classic, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show!" Who didn't love Tim Curry as "Frank-N-Furter?" Or who didn't do the "Time Warp?" In celebration of the wacky and bizarre film many of us have seen more times... more
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