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Talk In The Shadows

Talk In The Shadows


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Are you looking for a radio show that makes you think & allows you to speak your mind? Look no further...we've got what you're craving. Radio for "Deep Thinkers!"

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Have you ever been so attracted to someone who you would not normally find attractive visually? For some reason you are drawn to them, want to get closer and get to know them better? Pheromones are aromatic chemical... more

Dana Marshall was a radio personality for 15 years and held several other positions on radio, including Program Director. So he is no stranger to entertaining the masses while on the air. He's a very witty and charasmatic guy who... more

By request and popular demand, we will be having an "Open-Session Sunday" show! As an experiment, I hosted a full month of "Free-For-All Wednesdays!" in January. They were very popular, a lot of fun and I have had requests for them... more

That's right, boys and girls, it's been ONE WHOLE YEAR since our first 30 minute "Raging Rychers Gone Wild" show, which was complete with equipment glitches and beginner's mistakes! So hard to believe it's already been a whole... more

Fathers teach us to be strong and to fight our battles. They hold our bikes up while we learn to balance on our own. They protect us and make sure no one hurts us. They catch us when we fall, brush us off and tells us to try again.... more

What goes around, comes around. Isn't that what they say? That what you give out comes back to you tenfold. So you better think twice before you behave badly to others, unless you want it to turn around and bite you back. As they say,... more

So many of us need that extra boost in the morning to get motivated for the day. Without a cup or two or more of that caffeinated goodness, we feel like rolling right back into bed and letting the day pass us by! Or maybe you're a... more

Due to a hectic schedule this coming week, I am trying something a little different. I will be playing a pre-recorded show for my time slot with LoganX (Bill, my Co-Host) and I guesting on "The Chris Top Program" for his "Chris Top... more

Many people know who Geoff Tate is and what an amazing impact that he has made on heavy metal music, but how many people know that he has an equally amazing daughter, named Bella Blu, who is a gifted Photographer with loads of... more

Mothers carry us in their wombs as we form and then nurture us throughout our lives as we grow into adults. They give without expecting anything in return and love us unconditionally. Your mother is your first love, she teaches you to give... more
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