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Women leading and being able to hold their own power amongst other Queens. This unique Radio show is a panel of woman from different back grounds. Tuesday -Saturday starting May 1pm Pst /4pm EST Noir Unicorn by Crys Watson. Single Mom Sage by Jennifer Pink "Anointed Wives" w/ K. Elle Jones,Genevieve Duenas, Quannita Tate, and Untamed Talk by Lady Vee. Talking with truth by Haneef R. Jordan. When we stand in "Gods Truth"we can never go wrong. When you speak in truth and love that's when the healing begins. It's all starts by "Talking With Truth"

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#MOMPRENUERS Host: Jennifer Pink I am a momprenuer, but what does that mean? In short I am a mom who is also and entreprenuer. Join her, she, me and my guests Ms. Tamika Hill and Ms. Kiana Shaw as we discuss being top notch #momprenuers all while being #singlemoms. Guessts: Tamika Hill and Kiana Shaw
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Host: Haneef R Jordan Let's chat about all that has been going on.. My experience my life and this journey.. special Guest host: Ms.Jennifer Pink and a few surprise Guest to speak about this amazing event for inspiring high self... more

Host: Lady Vee guest: Jana'e Holmes (blogger) Natural Curly Keisa Sullivan (Publicist &Stylist)

Host: Jennifer Pin Sickness and Motherhood When someone is struck with a serious chronic illness we all know it's hard for them to continue on with their daily lives. As a mother whose use to taking on the majority of the families duties it's... more

Topic: Health & Wellness With summer in full swing, trying every fad diet and quick-fix skin chemical on the market to look amazing is inevitable. Our society loads up on artificial protein shakes and toxic coverup for an instant before and... more

Marriage in itself is quite a learning experience for both husbands and wives, and those learning experiences are certainly enriched when one spouse is older than the other. Tune-in to the Anointed Wives Show TODAY, Thursday, July 10th... more

Topic: MOMAGERS There's all these hashtags flying around but one that I keep seeing and am really loving is #momager. What is a momager? In short a momager is a mom who spends a lot of their time being manager to their kids... more

Topic: "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder The popular saying, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is what is said when one finds a person attractive and others disagree. But now days, if one believes that a person is attractive and others... more

Messes of the month. Listen in to Untamed Talk as Lady Vee talks about the messes of the month.

?Many Marriages Would Be Better If The Husband And The Wife Clearly Understood That They Are On The Same Side.? ~ Zig Ziglar You and your spouse may speak different languages when it comes to love, but taking the time... more

I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T Every woman is out here screaming they are independent and don't need a man so in honor of the 4th of July we are going to celebrate the woman's independence. Join Ms. Jennifer Pink and her two guests Mr. Tamon... more
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