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Rock a bye baby on the tree top when the terror begins, the fun never stops! On this episode of Talking Terror, the Demonic Doctor Dave is in charge of the film pick! The boys of Talking Terror always enjoy when the doc presents a film pick... more

On this episode of Talking Terror, the boys are taking a red eye flight to Rome! They want to take in the culture, the beautiful women, and of course, the grisly murders! Listen in as they discuss the 1982 film; "Tenebrae" directed by Dario... more

On this episode of Talking Terror, The Mad Monkey wants to help the boys loosen up and party. What better place to do that than in an overcrowded cemetery?! While they crank the tunes and run around among the graves, they'll make... more

On this episode of Talking Terror, your favorite fright filled hosts are feeling really tired. If only they could just get some rest so they can get back to being the terrifying titans of terror that we all know and love. You see, every time they try... more

On this episode of Talking Terror, the Demonic Doctor Dave once again returns with a film pick that could very well shatter the fragile minds of the crew. Sure, they've survived movies featuring killer condoms, samurai slashers in Wisconsin,... more

On this episode of Talking Terror, the boys ponder if Death truly has a plan for everyone. While nothing in life is guaranteed. We can be assured of three things. We are born, we live, and we die. However, in this cinematic instance, death... more

On this episode of Talking Terror, the boys are celebrating Moms! Yes, that's right. The woman that birthed you, raised you, and then eventually told you to move out because you're the world's problem now. So, in honor of Mother's Day... more

The episode can start now....tell the Talking Terror crew. On this episode, The King of Horror Andy G has decided to celebrate his birthday a week early! That King just couldn't wait to tear into his bloody birthday gifts and see... more

You know, working on the show week after week. It can build up one hell of an appetite. Talking about horror all the time has our stomachs rumbling? Do we get pizza? Maybe. We could always get burgers but we'll pass. I think The Demonic... more

On this episode of the show, the Talking Terror studio has been infested! No, we took care of the roaches and befriended the rats. What we're dealing with is gigantic adorable bunnies and we're fresh out of carrots! So as we barricade... more