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Talking Out Loud!


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In the era of social networking, texting, and emailing, people don’t talk anymore, and healthy debate seems to be fading away. On this show, we talk out loud! We have REAL conversations about life and our relationships from home to work to Wal-Mart. Our goal is to facilitate healthy discussions about our experiences in order that someone else might be enlightened or educated. On the Talking Out Loud Show, we want to hear ALL perspectives on the topics, especially those that are taboo. Yes, we go there! So tune in and let's talk about it... Out Loud. Our host is Sharon A. Myers.

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We know that love is important to any relationship, but what happens when it's not enough? What makes people stray from their relationship... but continue to claim they love their mate? Let's talk about that... OUT LOUD!

Not having both parents in the home is not a guarantee that you will fail in life... but it does have an impact on the life you lead. Sadder is parents who purposely keep their children from the other parent. Let's talk about the impact of... more

Respect is a beautiful thing to be given. Respect is also a lovely thing to give. But what happens when the definitions don't match up. I may think that I am being respectful to you, but you don't see it that way and vice versa. Some people... more

While I may be persuaded to believe that relationships just die on their own from time to time, I'm not convinced. I believe there are specific activities, events and people that MURDER the relationship. Let's talk about that... OUT LOUD!

Ms Shae is taking a break... so enjoy this replay of last summer's hit show "What A Man Wants!" It was eye-opening!

Some people wholeheartedly believe that man was not meant to have only one mate and that it is only natural that he has a harem of women. What do you believe? Let's talk about that... OUT LOUD!

Yes, I'm going to tell the secrets! If you have listened to previous shows, you already know the answer... but if you're new, I've got something for you. Let's talk about that.. OUT LOUD!

It's amazing how you can spend so much time with another person that you forget who you are Many people discover, when the relationship ends, that they don't have their own identity any more. They don't know who the heck they are... more

Hank Bullard & Jaquiez Douglas, the authors of the controversial book Why Black Women Are Alone: TheTruth Revealed have a few good answers that they will share with us. Being that Bullard & Douglas are two regular, good-looking,... more

Remember how we "used to do" way back when? This is our Throw Back Show to reminisce on the good ole days. Remember when they installed drive thru telephone booths? You can make a call without getting out of your car. School... more
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