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Started off doing shows where I talked about sports and stuff like that but most recently been interviewing cast members from MTV's the Real World and The Challenges.

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Will break down everything from episode 4 from the rap that Diem allegedly made about Nany, Leroy got his eye not one but two of the ladies. How mediocre and boring the challenge was Stumped. Jasmine's fantastic afro Cookes attempt at... more

Will recap the whole episode of Rivals 2. Might have some people stop by but I want to make the show all about you. I want to get your thoughts on who you like you may like. What are thinking of the challenges. Who and what format... more

Just going to chat about stuff like Rivals 2 and other shows plus till you what you guys can expect to hear on this show from here on out

Fresh off a great preimere with the best ratings that Real World/ Challenge has had since Battle of the Exes I have another great interview coming for you guys. He was a guest on the show during the Battle of the Seasons where he made... more

Fresh off the 90 minute premiere going to catch up with the other member of St. Thomas on this challenge @RobbMTV. How did he feel about being partnered with Real World Cancuns @DerekMTV. What was the difference going into this... more

Will be kicking off the challenge interview season by speaking with an old friend who's been on the show a few times. The first time you saw him on the TV was Real World St. Thomas then went from Hassel Island straight to Turkey lasting... more

Will be bringing back this segment for a special guest possibly two . Ten years ago she graced us on MTV with the Real World Las Vegas and has been gone from TV for eight since doing her first challenge Battle of the Sexes 2 a show in... more

Fresh off a great episode with Susie, Ruthie and Tori breaking down all the ladies teams got two more people for ya to help me break down the guys team. The first one is a man who when I had him on back in Februray that episode had over... more

Its ladies night. I will be joined by three of my former Female guests. Susie Meister @Susie_Meister , who has won two challenges and got on a couple peoples badsides, Tori Fiorenza @ToriFiorenza who met and married challenge... more

haven't done a show about the Voice in a long time so will go ahead do that. The final three artists are Michelle from Team Usher whos done a great job even after losing her all of her teammates. Danielle Bradberry of Team Blake the sixteen... more