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Started off doing shows where I talked about sports and stuff like that but most recently been interviewing cast members from MTV's the Real World and The Challenges.

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In this show I'm going to focus it on the Music icons the ones who made music the way it is today aka Michael Jackson The Beatles The Rolling Stones Stevie Wonder and any other people you can guys can think of if you want to request... more

Vote on of my friend who is in a commercial contest

  • by talkingchallengeandrewkirk
helpflo.comusername is encarnasions you gotta register and you can vote once every day he is on the top row far right on my next show I may have him on the show to talk about it so stay tuned for that so go to and vote for my... more

Tonight War of the Worlds as produced by Advanced radio students at Modesto Junior College will be presenting to you War of the Worlds on at 8:00 pacfic time. If you are unable to hear the broadcast tonight I will... more

just gonna preview the show

Going to take a little bit of time off

  • by talkingchallengeandrewkirk
I'm going to be a taking a quick break with this I need to get to a real job blogtalk doesnt pay the bills so i need to get my life in check i will be back on air i hope soon so yea stay tuned for me details Just to let you know I changed the... more

Just like the Olympics I will be doing a weekly show thing on March Madness for at least 3 weeks maybe 4 College Hoops is a fun thing to watch I'll give you who I think the brackets look and yea so come join me

Friday Night Fever will be going to movies I will be discussing the hit movies that i've seen and want to know what movies like the best and all

I am a big fan of game shows its something i enjoy watching when nothings on tv. I will talk about all sorts of game shows and there historys as whatever ones you want to be on so come join friaday night fever

Week 2 in the 21 Winter Olympics i'll be talking about everything that happened in the past week i hope you guys can join me

I will be doing a special show for two weeks called the Olympic update. I'll go over the highlights in the past two days and preview what there is to come so join me