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Started off doing shows where I talked about sports and stuff like that but most recently been interviewing cast members from MTV's the Real World and The Challenges.

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Haven't done this in about five months but due to the lack of shows I've been doing lately gong to do some shows to kill the time before I'll be busy again which will be when Are You The One Returns. Will probably talk sports and reality tv shows that are on right now in Big Brother and Bad Girls Club and sports basketball baseball and more so join me
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Feburary 2nd In the New Jersey the Champs of the AFC Denver Broncos will be taking on the NFC Champs. I will break down everything about the game talk about Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chlli Peppers halftime show and more. Also... more

I with the help of a couple friends of mine will break down anything and everything that has to do with reality tv in the year 2013. We had great seasons of old and new shows. our primary two shows we will go into great depth will be the two... more

Will be speaking to manager of Red Neck Heaven and Star of Big Tips Texas Typhoni Morgan. Will ask her about how the idea was pitched and each of the storylines between the girls at RedNeck Heaven following my interview I will b... more

First hour will be discussing about MTV's big twist next season on the Real World San Fransisco the 2nd hour will be strictly sports hope you guys can join in on the fun

Will be giving the lastest on the MLB playoff picture and NFL week 7 and college football. All that and more

Haven't done this in a while going to bring back my sports show. Will start doing a sports show every other week or so till at least the end of the football season. Will talk all NFL in the first part of the show and talk MLB playoffs the second part... more

Haven't been in a while going to recap the last three episodes. Almost at the end of the season is your favorite team still in. Who's surprising you the most this season. Going to break it all down

Going to recap episode seven where we saw Anesa and Diem have some issues with communication, Probably the hardest challenge yet in Blind leading the Blind, Frank and Jordan and clash the hookup that nobody and I mean nobody saw... more

I will recap everything that happened in episode 5 from the Zach freakout to the politics game back in challenge thought we got rid of that, to not only Theresa but Nany throwing in a vote for the last guy I'd expect to be put in the Jungle by the... more