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Learning from the Dallas Mavs: How 2 overcome your giants II

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Continue the awesome discussion about how one can glean Biblical Principles from the defeat of the Miami Heat by the Dallas Mavs and utilize these principles in everyday life.  Join Host and Pastor, "J", along with Co-host "Reese's Pieces" for an unforgettable dialogue as we take a look back on the 2011 NBA Championship Games and connect the dots as Biblical Principles were utilied in the defeat of the Miami Heat by the Dallas Mavs.  Remember...apply these principles to your daily life and you will always be successful at anything you set your hands to do!


0:24 Jay

Hey everybody! Welcome to another wonderful episode of Talking to the World. I am your host, Jay, and today is Tuesday, June 21, 2011. Look, we are talking about how the Dallas Mavs -- we're continuing last week's segment learning from the Dallas Mavericks, how to overcome your giant part 2. You don't want to miss it. We are talking about the biblical principles that were implemented during the NBA championship. You know, there are a lot of biblical principles that you can glean from the championships game that the Dallas Mavericks actually utilized in their defeating the Miami Heat. And we are going to talk about some of those biblical principles. We are going to continue the conversation and we are going to talk about how we can use those biblical principles in our daily life. It is so very important. If you use these principles, you will always be successful at everything and anything you set your hands to do that uplift the Kingdom of God. So what we want you to do is we want you to go ahead and tune in. We will be right with you after this. [Music]

1:52 Jay

Turning the tide to a different topic, briefly, we want to take a moment out to give our condolences to the family of actor Ryan Dunn, who you know, if you don't know, he passed away this past Monday as a result of a fatal car accident. And we are going to be talking a little bit about this one tomorrow. We want everybody to tune in. It is a really, really serious program tomorrow. We are talking about drinking and driving. And let me tell you right now, you don't want to miss this because, number one, it is a very serious discussion, right. Very serious. What we want you to do is we want you to call in 347 934 0471 and join in, in the dialog as we talk about drinking and driving. We are asking the question on tomorrow's Why Wednesday, "Why do people drink and drive?" Why do they drink and drive? We are talking about the Ryan Dunn tragedy. You don't want to miss it. I want you -- especially those of you who are mentors, maybe if you are __2:56__ boys and girls club or whatever, maybe you are a coach of a team or what have you, and you deal with young people day in and day out, especially those who are of age to drive. What we want you to do is we want you to have been tuned in to this. It is possible. Tomorrow, we come on at 3 p.m. Let me tell you, what we want you to do is we want you to tune in. Alright? So even if you have friends that are adult that you know that they are always like they are liable to drink and drive or whatever, they drink a lot, we want you to have them tune in to tomorrow's program, alright? Very important, alright? I want to send a big shout out to all of our listeners right now. And again, I want to reinforce just in case you didn't hear me because I know we had a couple of technical difficulties just then. We are doing a very special show tomorrow. Why do people drink and drive?

3:52 Jay

We are talking about the tragic death of Ryan Dunn who, as many of you already know, died in a fatal car crash this past Monday at approximately 2 a.m. in the morning, somewhere around in there. And it became a known fact that he was drinking and driving. We want you again, you who deal with young people on a regular daily basis and you even who have some adult friends, maybe in their late 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s that you know drink on a regular or what have you, or drink casually, we want you to have people tune in. We're going to have a serious discussion. We want you to call in 347 934 0471 as we address this fatal problem of drinking and driving. Look, turning the tide back to a more joyous note. I want to remind everybody that we are in the process of finalizing our debut of our internet radio station, alright? We are going to be on live radio and then we're going to have more information for you about that in August. But our internet radio station is launching this July and we are having a grand opening for it, it will be off the chain. You don't want to miss it, alright? So until then, we are doing our live, I mean excuse me, internet radio station countdown, alright? Now we're going to start that off next week, alright? We're going to start that countdown on next week, alright? So what we want to do folks is we want you to participate, we want you to stay tuned because we have got some great things and great interviews coming up in the month of July to kick off our radio station debut, alright. Look, we are a Christian-based show. We are getting ready to get into today's show actually. But I want to first say we are a Christian-based show. That means we've got to give God all the glory and the honor. We thank him for another day that he has given us.

5:49 Jay

Thank god for Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus, the Lamb who was slain, who takes away the sin of the world, who has mercy on us eternally and grant us eternal reconciliation, permanent reconciliation. Oh God the Father, he has sacrificed on Calvary's cross. And thank him because he rose from the dead. He did stay on the cross folks, but he got off the cross. He rose from the dead with all power in His hand and He overcame death and the grave, and because He overcame death and the grave, we too can overcome death and the grave. And we will and can reign with Him if we give our life to Him and accept Jesus Christ into our hearts. Thank God for the Holy Spirit. Thank God with everything we do and say here in Talking to the World. I see my co-host, Rizas __06:26__. But today, we are talking about learning from the Dallas Mavs, how to overcome your giant, talking about the NBA Championships games that were phenomenal. I mean, every single game had you hanging on like really, really by a thread. I mean, it drove my blood pressure up probably. Co-host Rizas, are you there?

6:47 Rizas

Yes. Yes indeed.

6:52 Jay

I mean literally, I was really -- I am not even going to lie because as I stated before, I wanted the Miami Heat to win. I really did. I wanted them to win. I knew that they were going to win. I mean I think everybody knew, just knew in their hearts that they were going to win. I mean, nobody really even gave the Mavericks a chance. They were definitely the underdogs and everyone felt that. Well, I can't say everyone, that is a really strong statement, but most people felt that Miami Heat was just had more talent on their team. They are a more talented team. They had some all-stars in their team in that effect. The critics said that they had too many stars on their team and it just wasn't fair. I mean people didn't see the Mavericks as having a shot at all to do anything. And we were of course, those of us who felt that way, we were all stunned and shocked as the conclusion of the matter yielded that the Dallas Mavericks were champions. I mean I know I was shocked. And I know I was so mad I called co-host Rizas up. I was so mad.

7:55 Rizas

Yes, you were.

7:56 Jay

My voice was quivering. I was so mad. I just couldn't believe it. Hey, you know what? I was mad because I have been a fan of Miami Heat for some years now. And I just wanted to see the Miami Heat take the championship, but you know what? In the end, I had to admit that the better team won, point blank. The better won and that team was the Dallas Mavericks. And I am telling you, when I sat back, seriously co-host, when I sat back and I looked at how they won and how they control and how they utilized the strategy, and how they utilized just their mindset about the game, their attitude and their attitude of gratitude, their attitude of determination, I had to sit back and I had to retreat from being so upset. I had to retract a lot of statements that I made. And prior to the championship games, things I was making throughout the finals, the final four and what not, and I am telling you, everyone was shocked that the Dallas Mavs made it this far but, it was a long time coming. And as I sat back and looked at how they won about the championship games, I felt the Holy Spirit showing me biblical principles and strategy, directing my attention to strategies that were implemented in those championship games that we, as believers, can implement in our daily lives. They are in fact biblical principles. And whether or not -- I know that of course, the Dallas Mavericks do have quite a few believers on their team, Christians on their team, whether or not they knew that they were implementing those biblical principles, whether they knew that or not, they really were.

9:53 Jay

And I know one person on the team definitely knew and that is Jason Perry, who at time and time again, I don't know if anybody recalls, he continuously gave God the glory for his success, for the success of the team and attributed all the glory to God and stated that the reason why they were able go out and do what they did was because God has empowered them and that it was their time, it was their season. I mean he definitely let the media know that to God be the glory for the great things he has done and the fact that he was able walk away before his career ended with a championship ring, with a championship title, and bring the championship home to Dallas. So we are going to talk about that. And I want to let co-host Rizas talk a little bit about what you can expect on some of our other show date. I want you to know, as a matter of fact, I can do that. On tomorrow, again, we're talking about why do people drink and drive, the Ryan Dunn tragedy. That's going to be at 3 pm on Thursday, or Day of Healing. On Friday, for Real Friday, we're doing a very special edition of the top 10 ways to know that he or she is just not that in to you, you know what I mean. I love it but I remember the movie "He Is Not That Into You", we're talking about that. How do you know, you know what I'm saying? Because some people just need a little bit of help. So I want you to know, the Love Doctor is in and we're going to keep it real and uncut. Raw, real and as a matter of fact, I'm not able to call it uncut. I'm going to call it One Cut. Because you know what, we're going to tell like it is. We're going to run. We're going to catch it real quick. You know what I mean? You're going to know and we're just going to keep it going. Nobody can say if they don't know how to tell if somebody is not into them after this Friday. You can say that folks. I'm thinking co-host about making Tuesdays like a sports days.

11:49 Jay

Saying something about sports. Because you know, a lot of people don't realize that there are--you can look at any major arena, an area in sports and really, there are so many biblical principles that people utilize and sometimes they don't even know that they're utilizing biblical principles while they're engaging in sports, a strategy in sports and it's an area that you don't hear people talking about Christian principles in a biblical strategy, you know. You don't hear that. You have Christian what? Christian music shows, even on TV, and what not. You got Christian comedy and all of that. Christian music and programs and all that but you don't hear too much about Christianity and sports. I mean, am I wrong?

12:42 S1

No, you're not.

12:44 Jay

You don't hear that. So I kind of want to do that because it's very interesting and I've been a, like I said, ever since I looked at this past championship, I had been a basketball fan since I was a toddler, since I was little, since I could, like, walk. I love basketball. I absolutely love basketball. That's my absolute favorite sport and I played basketball throughout my childhood into my high school years and while I did get involved in a football and I love football to the utmost as well. If I still like, if I had to coach, I would do what I would be the best at coaching, hence that will be basketball, hands down. And you know, I feel like I love football and you know, if I had the opportunity to coach, I would, but I love basketball. And so, looking at this championship game, co-host, I want to talk to you about some stuff that I found during this championship game. Biblical principles that the Dallas Mavericks, whether they know it or not, whether the coach knew it or not, and I'm sure, to some degree, he might, like I said, I believe Jason Terry, one of their lead players knew and whether or not, Dirk Nowitzki knew or Jason Kidd knew, I don't know. But there were some biblical principle that, whether or not they knew, they implemented. And last week, we talked about one of the principles that they implemented was strategy. You know, they assessed the enemy. They knew the enemy's strong points and they weakened the enemy and by the enemy, I'm talking about, the Miami Heat, LeBron James and, James LeBron. I am twisting his name all up right now. Everyone knows who I'm talking about. And Dwayne Wade alright, and you have Bosh, and you have some others, alright. They assessed their strong points and they weakened. They knew their strategy, they want to weaken the enemy and we talked about, last Tuesday, how we have to do that in the Body of Christ.

14:46 Jay

You know, we have to understand the tactics of the enemy. We have to understand the tactics of the devil and we have to be able to not just go about, you know, sometimes people don't understand that in spiritual warfare, there's a strategy to warn in the spirit. You don't just go out any kind of way. You have to have strategy. You don't send calls and when you have strategy, you can strategically destroy the tactics of the enemy. Alright? If you want to know more about that, go back to last week's program and listen to that. Today, I want to talk about something very important that I have found that I'm telling you folks, if you would implement, it will, I promise you, it will be a blessing to you. Alright. One thing that I noticed about the Dallas Mavericks is that this was not a top _15:40_ team. Alright. This team was a team of veterans. Alright, co-host, this team, they had between them probably almost 20 years of experience at the height. The oldest, Jason Kidd was 38 years old at the time of the championship games and he was the oldest, oldest point guard to ever, the oldest guard to ever start an NBA Finals. He was 38 years old, been in the NBA for 17 years, co--host and had never, ever, ever, had never, never won a championship, alright? Take that into consideration. Also take into consideration, you know, he'd been in the NBA almost 20 years. Alright? Dirk Nowitzki, 13 years of NBA, 32 years old, had never won in NBA Championship. Jason Terry, 33 years old. Okay these aren't young guys, been in the NBA for 12 years, alright, never won a championship before now, alright.

16:42 Jay

Shawn Marion, 33 years old, been in the league 12 years, this was his first title. Tyson Chandler, 10 years in the NBA, first championship. I mean these guys, like I said. I go back to Jason Kidd, 38 years old, almost 20 years in the NBA, no championship ring. These guys, alright, especially Jason Terry and Dirk Nowitzki, they had come up against the Miami Heat in the Finals. I believe it was in either 2005 or 2006, tail up against Miami Heat and lost. Folks, they had been counted out, alright. And here's what I want to point out. Here is the biblical principle that if we could implement and we could really grasp, we would be able to overcome as they did. You know, I saw such a readiness when Jason Terry, when Dirk Nowitzki, Dirk Nowitzki who's MVP and rightfully so, who led his team to victory. Such a willingness when he stepped on to the court, not worry, not concerned, or at least not showing it, that he was concerned about what, watch this "what people say". People had said so much. People had said that the Dallas Mavericks would never, ever, alright. They would never, ever, ever make it to the championships, not this season. Alright? There was no way. They were counted out even when they were playing against Portland. They were counted out before the Final 4 and they were just counted out, alright. Nobody even expected them to make it to the Final 4 and when they made it to the Final 4, no one certainly expected them to make it to the championships, and when they made it to the championships, no one they need a few people, okay? But most people did not expect them to make it. You had a basketball veterans like Magic Johnson, didn't counted even worthwhile talking about almost.

18:42 Jay

Even when he was doing his commentary because you just knew that there was no way that this team was going to be able to stand against the talent that was on the Miami Heat, alright. But, what you noticed was there was this determination. There was this barrier where they had blocked out what people say. That's the first thing I want to talk about and we can use that in the Body of Christ and in our daily lives. We can use -- I mean, you know, if you're an Atheist, you can use this, this biblical principle. Because this applies to everyone regardless of your creed, whether you believe in Jesus that He is Savior, whether you, right now, are in denial that He is the Savior because He is the Savior of the world. Whether you choose to believe in God or not, whether you are Hindu, Muslim, Islam, whatever, Atheist, Agnostic, this is true. When you grab on to the biblical principle and understand that you have to tune folks out, that you cannot be entangled in the yolk of bodies now. Truly, really, you have to be a believer to really, really grasp it. But I want to go to the scripture Galatians 5:1 and I'm coming from the King James Version. So stand there. Stand fast there...

20:00 Jay

"Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage." You know, sometimes we can get another opportunity, alright? But we allow the bondages of what people have to say, to keep us bound and keep us from performing at our ultimate height, if you will, from operating at our highest ability and our greatest potential and that's what you saw happened with the Dallas Mavericks. People tried to keep them in their past. You know, bondage, once you have been set free from any type of bondage, whether it is spiritual, physical, emotional, whatever, mental, once you have been set free, you have got to make sure that you do not return to that bondage. Sometimes people would try to throw your past in your face and did everyone, this past championship, people said "You know what, they don't stand a chance. Don't you remember like 2000, whatever that was 2005, 2006 when they played the Miami Heat and they lost? I mean don't you remember when they came into opportunity against Miami, they don't stand a chance." Now, they have a decision. The Dallas Mavericks, come on, we can't be ignorant. They heard, they knew that they were the underdog. They knew that people counted them out. But you know what? They decided not to be entangled again in the yoke of bondage, the bondage that people can put on you, you cannot allow people to keep you in bondage, the bondage of your past. Alright? And that ties right into the next thing I was to state. The second thing that they didn't do was, in order for them not to be entangled again in their past failure, in there past defeat, they themselves had to move past their own mind-set, their own contemplation of failure in their mind-set.

22:05 Jay

They had to -- they had to get past themselves and sometimes you have -- and that they have to forgive themselves really for the failures of the past. The scripture says it like this. Here's the second principle. If you could turn to 2 Corinthians 5:17 scripture tells us, "Therefore -- and I'm coming from the King James Bible -- King James Version, "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." When you are in Christ and Christ presents you with -- you know being in Christ, He will present you with another opportunity. He will present you. He will give you the desires on your heart. Jason Terry could not have said that the better way when he said, Jason Terry, one of the lead players on the Dallas Mavericks said, "This is our time. You know God is with us. He is going to give us the strength to do this. He recognized that it didn't matter what happened in the past. Christ was presenting him with a new opportunity, an opportunity to be successful, an opportunity to obtain the desire of his heart which wear that champion ring and he understood that in order to obtain and to operate at his highest potential to obtained that championship, which a matter of fact, when Dirk Nowitzki, in that last game that they played Game 6, he wasn't playing to the best of his capacity. It was up to Jason Terry, Jason Kidd and Marion to step up to the play along with those other guys, and they realized that this was their opportunity. They had to forgive themselves for all past failures. They had to ignore their past. They had to realize that all things are passed away, alright, and behold, all things are new. Here is a new opportunity. And I want to let you know that I don't care what has happened in your past. You have to realize.

24:00 Jay

You know yeah, you got to get passed what people have to say. Sure, you do. But here's something else. You have to get passed yourself. You have to get passed the fact that you had made some mistakes, there had been some failures, may be you didn't do every act, maybe you didn't quite have _24:14_. I have a good, good news for you, alright. Nobody has -- nobody except for Jesus Christ. And that's why we believe on Him. That's why He is the Savior of the World because -- that's why He's quiet, that's why He is the "Anointed One," the Messiah sent to deliver us out of sin. Because only He is perfect, only He is good and only He has walked the earth and dotted every "i" and cross every "t" and because of that, He is the sacrificial lamb. And when you give your life to Him, when you accept Him into your life, you can do as the Dallas Mavs were able to do. You can put behind you all past failures, all things that -- that have hindered you in the past and even sometimes your own contemplation and thought, and guilt, and shame. You can throw that mess on the trash, you can start again new and you can take advantage of the new opportunities that Christ brings your way. Alright? Here is the third thing. You know, they were able to forget about what people said, ignored it. They were able to put aside their own inhibitions and what not and then, once you're able to do that, you've got to take advantage of the new opportunity that is waiting you. What is this new opportunity? For the Dallas Mavericks, it was the chance to be champion. It was the chance to bring to a franchise a championship title -- a championship trophy that they had never tasted before. The Dallas Mavericks have never got franchise until 2011. They have never been champions. What was different about this year? I'll tell what was different. They came into the boxing ring, so to speak, they came on to the fighting territory, understanding that they already knew that they have the victory.

26:00 Jay

They knew at the beginning of this season that they were taking home that trophy. They knew that they were taking advantage of this opportunity. Why? Because guess what, they might not see this opportunity again. They knew that the chance of that team being what it was and at the level that they were playing at, they knew they might not see that, that, that again, because they're getting old. Alright? They are not a baby team. A lot of those -- a lot of those star players had been on the team more than 10 years, alright? Jason Kidd, for goodness sakes is almost hitting 20 years, alright? He might not see this opportunity again, alright? This is what they did. I love this because it ties into the third thing. They took advantage of the opportunity and they pressed their way. There is a scripture that is so fitting for this, Philippians 3:13-14. Here is what it says. I am coming from the King James Version again "Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." Let me tell you. If you would see that opportunity, that new opportunity that you have and if you are not a believer right now, I want you to consider this. If you give your life to Christ, you will have new opportunities that will present themselves. And you know what, Christ lived perfectly and without Christ we cannot be perfect. Without Christ, we cannot dot every "i", we cannot cross every "t", as you already know. Nobody has dotted every "i" and crossed every "t" but let me tell you. If you would accept Christ into your life, you can be perfect.

27:56 Jay

You might not be perfect up till now, but you can become perfect, because, if you totally submit yourself to Christ, you can be perfect for Christ told us to be perfect. Now, the fact of the matter is nobody has been perfect their whole life, but once you come into Christ, now you have the tool and the power to be perfect and from that point on, you can be perfect until the day you die. Some folks don't believe it, but you can be. If you submit yourself to God and you crucify your flesh and you allow yourself to make every decision in the Holy Spirit, in the Holy Ghost, you can and will be perfect. The Bible lets us to know that. Here is the key. In you selecting and making the decision to give Christ your life, you will be presented with opportunities. These opportunities, alright -- you've got to take advantage of when they come because they may not come again. Just like the opportunity to give your life to Christ. If you don't make this decision now, to give Christ your life, you may not see that opportunity again. Some folks don't believe that. But it is very true. Because I want you to know that they are folks who have the opportunity, but they deny the opportunity and then they die. Shortly thereafter, the very same day or the next day and they were unable to make that decision. Once you live out of here, you can't make that decision. Your time is up. I want you to feel the Lord tugging at your heart to give your life to Christ and I want to tell you. You that are already in Christ, take advantage of these opportunities. Forget about all those left behind and do as the Dallas Mavs did. Those of you who loves watching those sports, sometimes you got to getting to press.

29:50 Jay

You got to press against the odds. You got to press against what folks are saying. You've got to press even sometimes to get your own inhibition. You've got to forgive yourself of past failures. You've got to press towards the mark. In the Body of Christ, we have to press towards the mark of the high calling, which just in Christ Jesus. Let me read something that comes right after that verse "The high calling of God in Christ Jesus verse 15 tell us "Let us therefore, as many as be perfect," Wow!, "In Christ be thus minded: and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you." Let me tell you that if you are really seeking God and you don't even believe that you can be perfect, the scripture tells us that God will reveal that you can't -- He will reveal to you. That's why Jesus tell us "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness then shall all these things be added unto you." Don't you know that if you seek the Lord, He will give unto you everything that you need. He will give you revelation. He will provide for your physical needs. The scripture tells us in Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given unto you; seek and you shall find; knock, and the door shall be opened." There are those of you who are listening to our programming because you saw that we're going to talking about sports. Yes we're talking about sport but guess what, we're Christian Broadcast and guess what, Christians watch sports too and guess what, if you look at a lot of and I'll say this, I'll say this again, a lot of sports out there, there are biblical principles that are being implemented even during the games or during the competition.

31:51 Jay

That if folks, if you will look at this, these are not new principles that somebody came with some coach, came with you know, these are biblical tips that had been in the earth since the beginning of time. Because the Bible lets us know that "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God," that means that in the beginning, this principles were already in existence and folks, once you see the perseverance in all of that, that's not new. That's biblical principles. I want you to know that if you implement these principles that we've discussed, there is nothing that you cannot do. You can set your hands to anything and you will be successful, in the name of Jesus, as long as what you are doing is in the will of God, it is for the building of the kingdom of God. Whatever you do for Christ, that's the only thing that's going to last. You will be successful, folks. So remember, as the Dallas Mavs do, implement these biblical principles, 1. What you want to do is you want to make sure that you don't pay attention to what people have to say. 2. You got to get past your failure, you got to forgive yourself and you got to move forward. 3. You've got to take advantage of this opportunity that is presented to you, that Christ brings your way and you do that by pressing towards the mark of the high calling which is Christ and pressed towards the mark of the high calling of God is Christ Jesus. I want you to know, that you can take advantage of an opportunity. Those of you who do not know the word Jesus, in the _33:35_, those of you who do not have a relationship with him, those of you who you know have not made him Savior and Lord of your life, you have an opportunity here. You know, we make so many decisions. Those of us that watch sports, we make decisions to even get the sports pack or the sports bundle when we get our cable, think about it.

34:00 Jay

When we get cable, we won't even hear of it unless we can have the sports bundle, we can watch the sports classes, we make decisions to even watch fight be on paper view or preview, whatever it's called, pay view, fare view, whatever it is, I can't even think of a term of it right now, but you pay to watch the fight, you know. You go all out to get fees and tickets. You make decisions to get things in the box and all of that. There are those of us who pay $500, $600, $700, $800 per ticket. There are those of us who pay for flight and pay for hotel to follow our favorite team. Will pay thousands of dollars a year, just to support our favorite team and as hard as it is to hear, let me tell you something about our favorite team. Yeah, they do charity work but your favorite team did not wake you up this morning, your favorite team did not give you air to breath, your favorite team did not allow you to have a roof over your head, your favorite team did not do that for you and those of us to the Body of Christ, we understand that are favorite team did not save us, did not deliver us that's why I can't understand why there are folks who will lead church early on Sunday to go catch the football game. There are folks that will not go to service so they can stay at home and watch the game. When it is because of the Lord God, that you and me are even able to look and to watch the game, it is because of the graces and mercy of God that you, is and able to enjoy the game, He gives you the air that you breathe. Why is it that we are so quick to make hasty decision to watch the game, to go to a game but we can't even take out time to make the most serious decision of all, which is deciding where your soul will spend eternity.

36:00 Jay

You know folks, we buy cars, we buy houses, we buy land, we buy flat screen TV, we buy season ticket. We go to restaurant and I do it to watch games. Sometimes that take my mother with me and we've go and we watch games, football games basketball games, we had a wonderful time watching the championships. We watched that game, all the games. As a matter of fact, all the final games we watch and when football season comes around, God willing we don't go, we don't watch those games. But you know, one thing that we've both decided, we've decided to make Jesus our choice. We will never put a game before God. We won't even think of it and believe me, I'm a die-hard. I'm a die-hard football fan. I'm a die-hard basketball fan. But I will not put that before serving my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I'll record the game and do the work of God and when I get the chance, I'll come back and watch it again. Let me tell you something. There are those of you who are deciding on who to marry and you are deciding on how, just like I said, an early vacation, but you have not made the final decision. Some of you even think that you've made your final decisions. You feel like you have taken care of your burial. I don't know who I'm talking to. You feel as though, your life is short to _37:23_ them. All of that you know you feel as though you have done you know all that you needed to do to make sure your family was alright. I want you to know that you have it, because really, final preparations are not just taking care of a funeral service and the burial plot. Final preparations are ensuring that you will live with God forever, that you will be joint heirs with Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus.

38:02 Jay

That you will reign with Him and that when it comes for the church, you will be ready when it comes. Well it is coming for the church without a spot or a wrinkle. I want you to repeat this prayer after me. If you do not know the Lord Jesus, I don't care where you are. You can be in your house, in your car, in your office. I want you to open your mouth and repeat this prayer. If you love somebody, if you've been in your office and you've been witnessing, you are at home whoever, wherever you are, come out of your window office, come out of your -- that you go cross that cubicle and if you're a believer, ask the person that choose to be witnessing to your office or in your personal time or wherever, if you have been witnessing to somebody, you can call them or you can have them listening to the show, or if they are with you in your office listening to the show, turn to them and say, "Do you know the Lord? If they don't, say "You know, He is the greatest decision. He is the greatest. This is the greatest decision you ever make and help them, repeat this prayer with them. You know, even if you have to come back and play the show, you can repeat this prayer. You can guild this show as a witnessing tool to bring those to Christ, alright? You know, you can have a sports day at your home where you can watch a game and then play the show. You can watch the Finals. You can watch the championship game, play the show and talk about it and then witness and lead somebody to Christ, have them pray this prayer. I want you dear friend pray this prayer. Repeat this prayer after me and say, "Precious Father, in Jesus name, I confess that I'm a sinner. I confess that I've done wrong. I confess that I have not put you first. I confess that I need you in my life. I need you in my life because I will never reach my full potential without you in my life. I need you in my life because unless, Lord Jesus, you come into my heart, I will not be the man or the woman that you are calling me to be.

40:01 Jay

I need you, Lord Jesus, in my heart and in my life as Lord and Savior. I want you, I ask you to be Lord and Savior of my life, because I understand, that most importantly, I will not enter into the kingdom of heaven if you are not Lord of my life. I will not be able to take part in heaven. I will not live forever with You but I will, live eternally separated from You. As to live eternally separated from You is hell. I don't want to go to hell. I don't to be lost. I don't want to not be able to live forever and have eternal life with You, precious Father. Lord Jesus, I ask that you forgive my sins. I ask that you forgive me of my sins. I asked, Lord God, that you forgive me of my sins. I confess my mouth, O Lord Jesus, and believe in my heart God that you'll raise them from the dead. I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart that Your only begotten son Jesus the Christ. To walk amongst men and women, boys and girls and to show us how to live a Holy and separated life. I believe that He died on the cross for my sin and the sin of the world and that He bore the sins of the world on his shoulders, on the cross. And then He died on the cross. He rose from the grave, from the dead with all power in his hands and that He is alive today. Physically, He is alive, spiritually He is alive. He is alive. And I believe that Christ Jesus is coming back again for a church without a spot or a wrinkle. I believe and now Lord Jesus, I proclaim and declare that you are the Savior of my life.

42:05 Jay

I ask you to be Lord, I ask you to be Savior of my life. Your Word declares that whosoever shall call from the Name of the Lord, they shall be saved. Lord God, Oh Jesus, clean me out, sanctify me, wash me, purify me, to your precious blood Lord Jesus that you are the lamb that was slain that take away the sin of the world. Wash me whiter than snow and Lord God, send me with your Holy Spirit, that I do may e able to live a holy and victorious life and I may be able to enter into the kingdom of heaven and when you shall call my name, I will hear you say, Lord God, "Well done, my greatest faithful servant." And I thank You and praise You. I'll renounce everything that is ungodly, everything that in not of You, every ungodly relationship, everything that is not of you, God, detach it from my life, in Jesus mighty and precious Name and in Jesus mother's Name, I pray and believe it done by state and we seal it in the Holy Ghost, in Jesus' Name, Amen and thank God. Dear friends, if you pray that prayer, you've given the Lord your life, you truly have something to be thankful for, and I want you to know that you can give God to pray knowing that you have made heaven your final destination. There is no greater insurance than heaven's insurance or if you are a believer, when your health insurance will cover your sickness, heaven's insurance will. I want you to know that you have power to overcome the enemy, that there is no disease that can overtake your body because the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins. And let me tell you, the Bible says in Isaiah 53:05 check it out when you get a chance that the Lord Jesus was wounded for our transgression, he was bruised by iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with his stripes we are healed.

44:05 Jay

That means there is nothing that can attack you physically, emotionally, spiritually that you cannot be healed from, you cannot be delivered from, through the precious sacrifices of Jesus Christ on the cross and because He rose, he did not stay on the cross, but He got up off the cross, He rose from the dead, from the grave all power, victory over death and over the grave. Oh death where He is Lord, Him oh brave where is your victory, where the Lord Jesus Christ, _44:33_ that He got up with all power in His hands. Dear friends, I want you to join us again on next Tuesday as we are going to be talking about some great things. We are going to be talking about sports. We are going to be talking about biblical principles that you can find in the sports arena and I'm telling you, if you apply these principles, whether on the court, off the court, on the field, off the field, it I'll save it on the court of life for all court of life you are always be a champion. You will always conclude the championship ring, you are _45:03_. But look, I pray that your are blessed but more importantly, I pray that you are a blessing to somebody else for the scriptures teach us that it is better to fail and to succeed and you will put yourself and if you saw a kind word, a loving word and uplift somebody's spirit, encouraged and then pray for somebody, those things are priceless and different. God has healed bless you beyond your wildest imagination. This is somebody you awaited to be blessed and then saw the same thing back into your life and you know what, I've noticed that when I'm a blessing to somebody else, that God turns well or he doesn't turn around, he is already with me. He'll never leave me. He will protect me. God blessed me beyond like 20,000 times what I put out, you know. He blessed me beyond my wildest imagination. God is the greatest blessing that you ever come at that there is. He is the greatest blessing who knows how to bless you, when to bless you, what to bless you with or how much is blessing you. Won't you be a blessing to somebody else?

46:01 Jay

Watch how god blesses you. He will open up the windows of heaven and for you to have a blessing actually do that _46:06_ and not to receive your friend. God bless you! This is my prayer in Jesus mighty Name and until tomorrow, we will be back once in a while to _46:15_ here on Thursday, 3 p.m. on Day of Healing. We are taking per request. I want you to call at 347 934 0471 or simply email The World at talking2world.com, alright. We're taking per request that way as well or you can hear us from our show page www.blogtalkradio.com/talking2world. We are holding a very special prayer from the grounds of our church, you know and you don't want to miss it. If you are going through financially, if you are going through feeling weak or problems or whatever, we are going to be praying the prayers of safe from our church ground and it is going to be miracles, miracles, and miracles that are taking place. You don't want to miss it. Join us Thursday at 3 p.m., alright? Call in, go to show page, telephone somebody, tell to somebody, to anybody and we are on the air and God has joined miraculously and He has been alive with his people. We want to pray with you and pray for you _47:14_ when I ask you to give us any money or whatever like that, we pray and we believe in God. I want you to know that we got a great show lined up for you on Saturday and on Sunday 7 in the morning and Friday when we are talking about words that kill. You don't want to miss that at 6 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, alright. So look, we bless you with my prayer in Jesus Name. Until next time you will be blessed and let the Lord be in everything you do, God bless you. Jesus, thank you. [Music]