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Da Misstress



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Let me first say im always a serious minded person so some friends of mine told me i need to loosen up sometimes and have fun. So i decided to create this show to talk about everyday things,relationships,sex,music,and to also honestly have fun and also get a laughter sometimes. So for the people that can relate to this come kick it with your sexy host Da Misstress.... Come Enjoy!!!!

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Getting the weekend started so lets talk about whatever is on your mind.

OPEN DISSCUSSION.... Come kick it with your sexy host Da Misstress....

Lets talk about why some people cant handle rejection. Why they feel the need to desrespect or get upset when they get rejected by someone.

THIS SHOW WILL CONTAIN MATURE CONTENT. How do we spice up the heat in the bedroom? How do we bring the freak out? Hmm.... lets talk about it. Also one of my special guest will be giving advice to any callers who need help... more

Can ex-lovers continue to be good friends even if they had a bad break-up? Hmm.... Lets talk about it tonight. Come get the weekend started with your sexy host Da Misstress....

Would a real friend bring negative energy when your happy,or do anything to harm you,or even backstab you? Do you know who your "REAL FRIENDS" are? Hmm.... Come disscuss it tonight with your sexy host Da Misstress

Do you have any "HATERS"? And if them haters make you "STRONGER" then come put they a** on "BLAST".Hmm....Call in tonight and disscuss it with ya sexy host Da Misstress....

THIS SHOW WILL CONTAIN MATURE CONTENT. Are you in a domestic violence relationship or do you know of anyone dealing with domestic violence? Tonight WOMEN will tackle on the issues of going through domestic violence... more

OPEN DISSCUSSION.... How long should you wait before getting "SEXUAL" with someone? If you and someone are feeling eachother sexually should you not care if the person has a "LOVER" cause you only live once? Hmm....Lets... more

Why is it men still cheat when they have a good women? Do men really know the meaning of "LOVE" HMM.... Come talk about it with your sexy host Da Misstress....
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