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The show is fueled by opinions so feel free to speak your mind. Unlike most shows where you simply listen to the host, I allow you a chance to do the talking completely uncensored.

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What do you do when your mate humiliates you? I don't mean intentionally. I mean from just being lame. He/She wants to be one of the cool kids, but just isn't. For example, think about how Nicki Minaj feels right now. She's at the top of her game. No other woman is competing with her in the game of rap. Her man, Meek Mill, got owned by Drake in a battle rap. Now her man is the subject of hundreds of humiliating memes circling the web. How do you handle when your mate is Meek Mill? Do you try to uplift and support them? Do you bail on the relationship because you can't stand to deal with your friends making fun of you? I'll ask my Show Legends what a person should do when your mate makes you face palm more than smile. This and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! "No experts. Just opinions." Show No. 505 Scheduled for 60-75 mins. www.Talk2Q.com

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Joining a gym is something that's more common these days. Getting in shape is something that just about everyone considers at some point. However, the atmosphere at the gym can be intimidating to some. What happens when a 300... more

A mid-week special episode to get caught up on the world of sports. A lot of moves have been made in the NFL since the last time Zone Coverage aired: - Michael Vick is a Jet - Mark Sanchez is an Eagle (or almost one if not officially)... more

In today's "microwave society," it's all about "the now." The future is rarely considered. That's probably why there's so much bad decision-making these days. People are so focused on today that they fail to see how things will be affected... more

This show will feature my female Show Legends only and for the first time will not have me as a host! Please welcome Crystal Hickerson as tonight's guest host! The ladies will discuss what a real woman goes through in her day-to-day living... more

1/2 of the Cocktails & Conversation Divas joins me and the Show Legends tonight! Erika Beckwith, the driving force behind C&C, will tell us what she has in store for the rest of 2014! We'll discuss her interaction with reality TV stars,... more

Does the outfit make the person or does the person make the outfit? That's sort of a "chicken or the egg" question, isn't it? Fashion plays a huge part of our lives from kids attending junior high school to watching the red carpet shows on... more

The Show Legends and I will take a look at the first day of free agency in the NFL. Which teams made the biggest impact in the first 24 hours and we'll see what moves can be made in the future. These things and more on the Talk 2 Q... more

The United States is the busiest country yet we're not really accomplishing anything. We don't have time for this. We don't have time for that. Yet we have nothing to show for what we've been doing. We'll ignore our family, friends and... more

Don't get me wrong. If this ever happens, then I doubt that it will occur in our lifetime. However, is the U.S. growing too quickly? When you think of how cities basically pop up overnight across the country are we running out of resources?... more

You know her from "Cocktails & Conversation" as 1/2 of the power duo, but Robin Peppers-Hunt is doing her on thing on the side. Enter The Curvy Momager! "Living It Up with The Curvy Momager" inspires readers with quotes, empowers... more
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